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Alexa Traffic Rank: 144,102 is an Ad Server that integrates the most popular url shorteners and automatically manages your traffic to reach the highest possible rates and not to lose multiple views from one IP.

LinkSpy Workflow:
Link url shorteners accounts (just set API keys)
Create LinkSpy short links using form or API
LinkSpy will automatically create links in all url shorteners
Publish LinkSpy links to the Internet
LinkSpy will choose the most appropriate short url to maximize your revenue

Linkspy Benefits
No usage fees!
Paid views growth
Rates optimization
Rates and Capping customization
Real time statistics

This is what it says on website:
Increase profit from your website by up to 100% The rate per country and the number of paid views is a key consideration factor when choosing a url shortener. LinkSpy will do all these things for you. You can use multiple url shorteners and LinkSpy will choose the one that is the best at the moment. You’ll get more paid views and better rates which will ensure higher revenues.

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