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LinkMiner is a backlink monitoring tool created by Mangools which is one of the leaders in SEO software development. This service is handy, simple and efficient. LinkMiner is used by SEO-specialists to track the link profile of a promoted website with specific pages and donors. The tool makes it possible to track both backlinks of promoted websites and links leading to competitors’ websites. There are more than 9 trillion backlinks in the LinkMiner database, which lets you monitor almost all links leading to a website.

LinkMiner-com is a paid service included in Mangools service packages. You can pay for the product using a credit card. The company provides a 10-day free trial period without need to provide credit card data.

Features of the software

LinkMiner is a universal backlink tracking assistant. The tool is designed, first of all, to identify promising links leading to competitors’ sites, for the subsequent replacement of the competitor’s URL with the URL of the promoted website. Key functional features of LinkMiner are presented below:

  1. Search for backlinks. The system identifies the backlinks of competitors that have a maximum potential, evaluating them by dozens of parameters. A user just needs to enter the URL of interest in the appropriate field and the system will provide a list of links.
  2. Link power assessment. LinkMiner has a unique algorithm for calculating the total power of the backlink based on such parameters as Citation Flow, Trust Flow, Dofollow, social signals and Alexa rating. You can filter backlinks by link power parameters, selecting the most promising for your project.
  3. Backlinks preview. You can gauge the strength of your backlinks on the fly with a website preview with an anchor highlighted. Just click on the monitoring result to see a preview on the right panel and study each donor more closely. The preview function lets you see the main characteristics of the URL in a presentable format without need to open each backlink in a separate browser window. It is also possible to open SERPChecker with one click to explore a website for 40+ SEO indicators.
  4. Selected backlinks. Favorites list lets you capture the most promising backlinks and then replicate them as far as possible, without wasting time on repeat searching and analyzing.
  5. Advanced backlink analysis. The tool lets you search for backlinks from three sources. You can track all the links, see the most recent ones indexed up to 30 days ago or find lost links. In addition, there is a search option “one link per domain” for easy backlinks profile analysis.

LinkMiner provides a lot of opportunities to improve the link profile of the promoted site with minimal financial investment. Below are the terms and cost of pricing plans.


LinkMiner offers 3 paid plans on the following terms.


  • Price: $ 49 per month;
  • KWFinder keyword tracking: 100 per day;
  • Search for keywords in KWFinder: 200 words;
  • Competitors keywords in KWFinder: 25;
  • SERP tracking in SERPChecker: 100;
  • SERPChecker tracked keywords: 200
  • Limit for backlinks monitoring: 100,000 per month;
  • Webpages analysis with SiteProfiler: 20 per day;
  • Number of concurrent logins: 1.


  • Price: $ 69 per month;
  • KWFinder keyword tracking: 500 per day;
  • Search for keywords in KWFinder: 700 words;
  • Competitors keywords in KWFinder: unlimited;
  • SERP tracking in SERPChecker: 500;
  • SERPChecker tracked keywords: 700
  • Limit for backlinks monitoring: 500,000 per month;
  • Webpages analysis with SiteProfiler: 70 per day;
  • Number of concurrent logins: 3.


  • Price: $ 129 per month;
  • Tracking keywords in KWFinder: 1200 per day;
  • Search for keywords in KWFinder: 700 words;
  • Competitors keywords in KWFinder: unlimited;
  • SERP tracking in SERPChecker: 1200;
  • SERPChecker tracked keywords: 1500
  • Limit for backlinks monitoring: 1,200,000 per month;
  • Webpages analysis with SiteProfiler: 150 per day;
  • Number of concurrent logins: 10.

Within 10 days each registered user gets free access to all the functions of the service suites without any limits.


The LinkMiner user support system, in addition to chat communication, includes an extensive knowledge base. It consists of a detailed manual for working with LinkMiner, an SEO guide, an official developer blog and SEOpedia.

The manual for working with the tool includes the basics of working with the software product, including: starting analysis, working with the backlink table, filtering data, working with selected links and exporting data. All information is presented here in a laconic and presentable form, so anyone can figure out the LinkMiner-com functionality.

SEO Guide is an extensive knowledge base that provides an overview of search engine optimization, search engine algorithms, keyword management, content optimization, internal and external optimization, analytics and other important points. The information is presented in the form of a detailed manual with illustrations and examples.

Mangools SEO Blog is the official developer blog dedicated to search engine optimization. It publishes relevant information that can be useful when promoting websites in Google and other search engines.

Seopedia is an encyclopedia of search engine optimization, which contains all the knowledge accumulated by SEO specialists over the years of working in this niche. This material is recommended to be used as an assistant for adjusting SEO strategies and tactics.


LinkMiner is a handy and inexpensive tool available as part of the Mangools toolbox. A huge database, powerful monitoring systems and an informative interface with a bunch of useful options determined the success of this software product in professional communities. You can evaluate the pros and cons of LinkMiner-com right now by signing up for the official website and using the 10-day trial period.

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