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Alexa Traffic Rank: 0 is a high-quality project with a favorable medium-term marketing and technical background. Apart from proper technical workup, the investment fund offers appealing earning conditions that will be of interest to investors with different opportunities. In this review, we will discuss in detail what the project offers to its participants.

Libra Capital information

The platform Libra Capital was officially launched on September 04, 2020. From this date onwards, the administration starts consistent and slow spread of advertising resources, which is not limited to the local segment but is performed in an international format. The reason for such attention is the high quality of technical details and a reasonable investment offer. We should first mention that the service runs on a self-written script, which is quite time-consuming and costly. Besides, it has a dedicated server, quality design, several language versions, and all required security settings.

The company is mainly engaged in stock exchange transactions and provides all willing investors with an opportunity to earn entirely passive income on shares. The fund’s website offers enough information on the specifics of LibraCapital’s activities.

Investment conditions at Libra Capital

Earning conditions on are given in the form of four rates with per-second profit. The tariffs can bring from 2.6% to 4.8% of profit to depositors per day, and such payments will be received without delay. The project offers a rather affordable minimum deposit amount, which makes it possible for depositors with a 3$ deposit to join the platform.


Features of the investment offer:

  • Profit accrual: from 2.6% to 4.2% daily
  • Terms of investment activity: unlimited
  • Deposit: from $3 to $4,800
  • Achieving breakeven: from 39 to 24 days
  • Weekly earnings: 18.2-29.4%
  • Deposit/Withdrawal of funds: Payeer, Perfectmoney, Qiwi, Yandex.Money, Bitcoin, Ethereum, transactions with bankcards
  • Project commission fee: not for crypto, payeer and perfectmoney
  • The minimum withdrawal amount: $1
  • Processing withdrawal request: instant

Affiliate program

Not only investors but also partners are offered to earn money at Libra Capital as it provides a progressive affiliate program with an opportunity to improve the earning conditions. If you have registered in the project, you can earn a profit of 5-2-1-0.5-0.2% of the attracted deposits. No personal deposit is required for this. Besides, there are two more statuses with payment of 7-3-2-1-0.5% and 9-4-3-2-1%. For more details, please, contact the technical support service.

Signing up on

You can interact with Libra Capital’s website for free. To access the investment opportunities, you just need to pass a quick registration process, which will require minimum information and your time. To begin working with the fund, open the home page of the platform and click “To become an investor” at the top of the site.


You’ll be provided with a registration form where you will need to specify some information required to create a personal account. Enter your username, e-mail address, and password in the fields. Next, accept the user agreement and click “Register account”.

Use your username and password to login to the created account. Scroll down the opened page and use the form to create a deposit. Then enter the deposit amount, choose the currency of investment, and mark the payment system. To finish the operation, click “Create deposit” and make the payment using the selected method.


Project investors can withdraw profit from their balance to their wallet at any time – they just need to have enough money for that. The withdrawal is done by request, so you can proceed to its creation in the cabinet section called “Withdraw”. This is followed by the creation of a request, where you will be asked to choose the currency, payment system, and amount. Your request is created when you click the “Withdraw means” button. The request will be processed instantly.

Brief description of each section

The project website is very well prepared and has many information sections with quality content. Due to the data presented on the website, users can learn every detail of the platform activity, get information about the project prospects and features of cooperation with it.

Let us take a short look at the existing sections:

  1. The home page contains basic information about the project. In this section, you can get a brief description of the project and learn about its activities, investment, and affiliate programs.
  2. Feedback – real users’ comments on the project, presented in the video and text format. Using this section, you can obtain additional information about the project and learn about its reputation among customers.
  3. Development – describes a systematic fund development plan for the next few months.
    SMARTLIBRA – covers the features of LIBRA token’s airdrop. This section provides detailed information on the way tokens are accrued to investors and features of coin distribution among other participants.
  4. Statistics – this section provides detailed information on attracted investments, platform performance statistics, and a list of recent transactions.
  5. How to begin? – step-by-step description of user actions required for successful cooperation with the website.
    Investments – describes the current investment offer and affiliate program.
  6. News – this section contains detailed information about platform events, various updates, and forthcoming plans. It is quite informative and illustrates the project’s dynamic development.
  7. FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions. Investors can learn about the system’s operation, financial issues, affiliate program features, and some technical matters.
  8. Rules – the user agreement that the participant automatically agrees to after registration on the website. This section presents the rules for cooperation and the parties’ duties.

Some sections’ features should be considered in more detail.


The “Development” website section outlines the upcoming plans of the project administration for the nearest future. The Road map depicts the specifics of Libra Capital development up to the end of the year 2020.

Among future updates are:

  1. the development of SmartLibra platform token
  2. arbitrage trading system inside the personal cabinet
  3. opening an office in Moscow City
  4. listing on the Uniswap, KuCoin, Fatbtc, HitBTC, and EXMO exchanges
  5. a webinar with a presentation of intermediate project results
  6. the development of a wallet for storing funds with the accrual of profit

AIRDROP (Token distribution)


Libra Capital has a token called LBR, the features of which are described in the “SMARTLIBRA” section. Specifically, it clarifies that LBR can be obtained by any project user who has registered on the website and made an investment. Later tokens can be displayed on any ERC20 standard wallet and exchanged on the stock exchanges. The token listing is scheduled until the end of 2020.

The total issue of tokens will be 1 million LBR so that the coin rate could reach 1 LBR = 100$. SMARTLIBRA section gives a detailed description of the peculiarities of coin distribution among the participants: interest accrued to investors, the volume of payments to partners, administration, and personnel.

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