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LearnWorlds is a course hosting platform that makes it possible to create your own information product, set a price and start selling in a few minutes. This tool successfully combines deep customization capabilities, ease of use and a functional interface. LearnWorlds-com provides a powerful marketing toolkit that dramatically empowers your info-business.

There are several paid plans available on learnworlds.com. You can pay for each of them for a month or for a year (saving 20%). The system accepts credit cards, bank transfer and PayPal payments. All service suites have a 30-day test period.

Platform features

LearnWorlds is a project aimed at a wide audience of educational product creators. It will be interesting for both private entrepreneurs and large corporations. LearnWorlds can be used to train employees or create and sell your own courses. The system operates on cloud technology and is available on all modern stationary and mobile devices. Updating is carried out automatically. All this makes the platform a full-fledged plug & play application that does not require special skills to work.

At LearnWorlds it doesn’t matter if you are a coach with a small group of students or a large educational organization with a huge selection of ready-made info products. LearnWorlds fits both first and second. The system lets you create your own online school, providing flexible settings and many functions for organizing training, marketing and sales.

LearnWorlds-com developers have provided users with an intuitive and concise interface that contains not only the necessary tools, but also a built-in community for the quality organization of a learning process. Everything here is implemented in such a way that the user is motivated to achieve new goals, and the learning process is as fun as possible.


LearnWorlds has several benefits, which are described below.

Aesthetic templates

High-quality design ensures the favor of the target audience. LearnWorlds offers 300+ predefined templates that can be customized and used in various combinations. The account administrator completely determines the appearance of the landing pages by branding his info product. Each block adapts to the selected color scheme, which makes interaction with the brand as comfortable as possible.

LearnWorlds patented “Magic Templates” technology lets administrators quickly switch between different designs and styles with content previews. You can test various options and select the most successful ones by activating them with one button click.

Intuitive web builder

LearnWorlds will delight you with a convenient and functional page builder you can easily create a beautiful website with. The block design lets you assemble pages of any format from separate functional elements that will look great both on stationary computers and on mobile devices. At the same time, LearnWorlds developers are constantly adding new features to Pages Builder to make your website look flawless and modern.

Interactive capabilities

Advanced interactive features are one of the key strengths of the platform. Each study material can be filled with interactive elements that increase engagement and help to retain an interested student audience. The interactive video gives you the ability to add questions, pop-ups and buttons. In interactive books you can attach stickers and highlight individual sections of the text. Each author can better structure his material and adapt it for users.

Integrated social network

LearnWorlds has a built-in community system to increase student engagement and loyalty. The creator of the course gets the opportunity to unite students in a single ecosystem for more comfortable and effective learning for both the whole group and individual students. The built-in social network lets the course administrator interact more closely with the students.

Customizable player

The Course Player is considered by experts to be one of the most advanced on the market. You can not only choose authentic templates in different colors and formats, but also create exclusive training processes. In particular, the course owner can choose the “trajectory” of the student’s progress in the training course or create conditions for overcoming each individual lesson. You can integrate various buttons, section numbers, tabs and other functional elements into the player. It is also possible to adapt it to your goals using CSS.

On the LearnWorlds platform the ownership of a course is wholly owned by the creator. Also, the authors are protected from abuse by students, who are offered several options for paying for the course. You can sell the entire info product or split the price into separate parts.

Affiliate program management

LearnWorlds has implemented a convenient tool for tracking referrals and accruals. Each course author can create, launch and administer affiliate programs, customize preconditions, generate affiliate registration pages and set the commission rate for each affiliate. With the help of this tool it is possible to form your own sales team, attracting the most effective partners, who will promote your educational products and receive stable remuneration for this.

Tariff plans

LearnWorlds offers 4 pricing plans on the following terms.


  • Price: 29 USD per month;
  • Commission: 5 USD per course sale;
  • 1 administrator;
  • Custom domain;
  • Unlimited paid courses;
  • Website builder (3 pages);
  • Pop-up window constructor (2 pop-ups);
  • Built-in community;
  • 5 payment gateways;
  • Coupons;
  • Basic integration;
  • Free SSL certificate;
  • Drip feed courses;
  • Email support 24/5.


  • Price: 99 USD per month;
  • No transaction fees;
  • 5 administrators / instructors;
  • Unlimited courses;
  • Unlimited landing pages;
  • Complete blog website builder;
  • Unlimited Pop-ups;
  • Subscriptions and memberships;
  • Installments;
  • Fully customizable player;
  • Customizable checkout page;
  • User certificates;
  • Live lessons and webinars on Zoom and Webex;
  • 10 SCORM / multimedia files;
  • File assignments;
  • Affiliate management;
  • Expanded integration with Zapier and Premium;
  • Banks of questions;
  • 100% discount on LW Academy;
  • Priority email support 24/7.


  • Price: 299 USD per month;
  • No transaction fees;
  • 20 administrators / instructors;
  • Bulk user actions;
  • Full White-label options;
  • Interactive video;
  • Automatic transcripts and subtitles for videos;
  • Multiple Zoom and Webex accounts;
  • Unlimited SCORM / multimedia files;
  • Custom segments / progress reports;
  • Course analysis reports;
  • Scheduled automatic reports;
  • Advanced affiliate program management;
  • Integration with API;
  • Webhooks integrations;
  • Single sign-on (SSO);
  • App for iOS and Android (extra charge);
  • 100% discount on LW Academy;
  • 1 hour of Premium onboarding;
  • Premium support 24/7.


  • Price: calculated individually;
  • No transaction fees;
  • Additional administrators;
  • Individual bulk registration;
  • Branded corporate academy;
  • 95% uptime;
  • Premium cloud servers;
  • Dedicated account manager;
  • Additional SLA;
  • Flexible invoicing;
  • Custom reports and services;
  • Premium support options;
  • Individual pricing options.


LearnWorlds is a powerful educational platform that will satisfy the needs of both an individual coach and a whole company. Democratic pricing policy, powerful functionality and capabilities for deep customizing web pages make this offer attractive to a wide audience. If you are interested in the LearnWorlds-com platform, you can check it right now for free by completing the registration procedure and using a 30-day trial period.

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