Learndash WordPress plugin review, learndash-com advantages and disadvantages

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Learndash is a multifunctional WordPress plugin developed for creating and managing educational online courses. Experts rate this software as one of the most successful Learning Management Systems (LMS). This Plug & Play development is ideal for organizing massive online courses, since it has no built-in participants quantity restrictions. It has all the tools to create authentic tutorials. The product will be relevant for both novice coaches and large online schools looking for a full-fledged platform for creating training programs.

Learndash is a paid service. Three tariff plans are available to users, each of which can be paid by credit card or through PayPal. Unfortunately, there is no free version of the plugin, as well as the trial period. At the same time, a guaranteed money back program is available within 30 days after purchase. The user can request a full refund of the paid amount during this period without any explanation. You can also check out a demo version of the plugin on the official website learndash-com.

Features and benefits

Learndash is a unique product in the LMS niche, which has a number of functional features. One of these features is that the plugin is developed on PHP, which theoretically makes it unlimited in functionality. Each user, with the appropriate knowledge, can modify the plugin at his own discretion and for his own tasks. For those customers who need some specific additional functions, this is a big plus, since you do not have to create a new product from scratch. It will be enough to hire a developer who will add the missing part of the code and supplement the basic functionality with the necessary options.

Another important advantage of Learndash is that it is an out-of-the-box product. That is, you just need to install the plugin on your WordPress-based website, run it, customize it for your tasks and start creating your first course. For inexperienced users who are not good at web development, this is a big plus, since you do not have to fiddle with the program code. The customer receives a ready-to-use product that is simple and friendly in everyday work.

Another advantage of Learndash-com is its ease of use. Naturally, to master the functionality, you will have to spend some time, but in general, the plugin interface is quite clear and concise. So even a user with zero experience will have no problems creating and managing training courses based on this development. On average, it takes no more than two hours to design and launch a course from scratch, which is a fairly good indicator among similar products.

Even in the basic tariff plan, Learndash offers quite powerful functionality that covers the needs of most customers. If you wish, you can pay extra and get an extended package of features. At the same time, the price of the top-end service suite is only twice as high as compared to the base one. So a client who can afford a starter suite will be able to upgrade to the maximum plan without much financial burden.

We should also mention the adaptability of Learndash. Regardless of the template used on your blog, the system will easily align with your website design. So at any time you can expand the functionality of your blog by introducing the capabilities of a full-fledged online academy into it. At the same time, if the appearance is still broken, you can always hire a layout designer for little money, who will ensure 100% combination of the plugin and your website template.


Learndash is a paid WordPress plugin that is available in three pricing plans. The terms of the service suites are presented below.


  • Price: 169 USD per month;
  • License for 1 site;
  • Unlimited courses;
  • Unlimited number of users;
  • Protection of course content;
  • Drip-feed lessons;
  • Advanced quizzing;
  • Certificates and badges;
  • Course forums;
  • Email notifications;
  • Free integration;
  • Annual support and updates;
  • Demo site template.

Plus Package

  • Price: 199 USD per month;
  • All Basic options;
  • License for 10 sites;
  • Access to ProPanel.

Pro Package

  • Price: 339 USD per month;
  • All Plus Package options;
  • License for 25 sites.

A number of paid add-ons are also available to users. Among the most popular there are:

  1. Certificate builder with visual Drag & Drop interface;
  2. WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads shopping cart;
  3. Integration with Stripe payment gateway;
  4. Course grid with customizable libraries, categories and descriptions;
  5. Integration with Zapier to connect 300+ third-party applications;
  6. Personalized notifications for LearnDash students;
  7. 50+ PowerPack Modules to improve your website;
  8. BuddyPress (activity streams, private posts and user profiles);
  9. bbPress for linking third-party forums with your courses;
  10. Integration of BadgeOS for gamification of your info product;
  11. Integration with GamiPress for awarding.

Learndash is a scalable platform that can be extended with minimal costs. This makes this plugin one of the best solutions in its price range.


If you have your own WordPress-based website and want to build an online school, then the Learndash plugin will completely satisfy you. For relatively little money you get at your disposal a ready-made solution with a transaction accepting system, statistics, customer retention system and other useful options. The fact that Learndash-com is part of the WordPress ecosystem lets you solve almost any task and implement the full-fledged LMS without serious investment. This is a truly flexible and feature-rich plugin that will delight you not only with powerful tools, but also with ease of use.

Right now, you can evaluate the system interface in demo mode on the platform’s official website. After that, install, pay and activate the plugin on your site, and get to work. If you are not satisfied with Learndash, you can always cancel your purchase within 30 days.

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