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L3server is Germany-based hosting company. They offer the following services: Shared Hosting, VPS, Dedicated Server, SSL. Their servers are placed in Hamburg. 100% of user reviews who used L3server are positive.

Fully managed, dedicated servers and business hosting with special security hardening to protect your data — hosting servers for businesses in Europe, the US, and world-wide.

Buy your dedicated server today: L3Server offers medium and high-end hosting servers housed in our racks at the state-of-the-art Level(3) data center in Hamburg, Germany, and now also in the US. Level(3) is the uncontested winner in network uptime and speed. All racks powered by 100% renewable energy. Combining ultra-high security measures and over a decade of managed hosting expertise, our managed dedicated servers provide the solution you need for your business, with IPv4 and IPv6 access. Buy dedicated hosting at L3/BASIC Networks, and we deploy and secure your business server, game server, or mailing server in no time. Ask us about a custom solution for your business or educational hosting needs, may it be streaming media, high security data base hosting, or online gaming boxes. Or, get one of our pre-configured servers.


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