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Kucoin is quite a young cryptocurrency exchange that has just begun rising to popularity. The project was the result of fruitful cooperation of professionals with huge experience of successful development of online projects in the financial sector. The main strategic objective set by the creators of Kucoin is to provide a secure environment for the exchange of digital assets with minimal costs.

To date, the Kucoin exchange is available in the web version, as well as in the form of an application for iOS and Android. The user-friendly interface allows the beginners to quickly get used to the functionality of the trading platform.

As well as the Binance exchange, Kucoin provides an internal cryptocurrency called Kucoin Shares (KCS). Every registered exchange customer can purchase it. The “trick” of the coin is that it is growing in price depending on the number of active users of the exchange. That being said, holders of coins are charged with a trade commission reduced by half. The blockchain for KCS is the Ethereum network, and the KCS token is a standard ERC20. You can store Kucoin Shares coins both on the balance sheet of the exchange and on the Ethereum wallet.

Many traders agree that Kucoin is a convenient and truly high-quality product in the competitive market of cryptocurrency exchangers. A significant advantage of the project is that the official website is available not only in the English language but also in Russian, French, German, Spanish, and other European and Asian languages. This demonstrates the international orientation of the project.

Registration, deposit/withdrawal

The registration procedure on the Kucoin exchange is the same as on most of the cryptocurrency platforms. Once you have entered the website, you should click on the “Register” button at once. You will then be offered to enter a contact email address and password. After entering the data, click on the “Next” button and go to the previously specified mailbox. You will receive a letter with a link confirming that you are the owner of the specified email box. After confirmation by clicking on the link, the account is considered created.

The advantage of the Kucoin exchange is that there is no need to verify your personal data. This allows traders to stay anonymous, which is important for users from countries where transactions with this kind of assets are prohibited or not regulated by law.

After registration, it is strongly recommended to activate two-factor authentication. The website provides the ability to set 2FA using Google Authenticator. You just need to install the application on your mobile device and use it every time you enter the cabinet.

Once your account is registered, you can make your first deposit. To do this, click on the “Assets” button in the trading cabinet. You will be taken to the menu where you can see all the balances of wallets. You will only need to select the desired cryptographic coin and click on the “Deposit” button. After that, you will be presented with a unique wallet address, where you need to transfer money to replenish the deposit. On this wallet, you can transfer money from the current wallet or through the “exchanger”. The funds will be credited as quickly as possible depending on the congestion of the network itself.

As for the withdrawal of cryptocurrency, this procedure is no less simple. In this case, you need to click on the “Withdrawal” button. The system will offer you to enter the wallet address, on which it is planned to make cash-out. The transaction will need to be confirmed through Google Authenticator. After entering the data and confirming the transaction, the money will be transferred to the specified wallet in the shortest possible time.

How does the exchange work?

To start trading cryptocurrency on Kucoin, go to the “Markets” section. All trading pairs are represented here. There is also a simplified version of opening buy/sell orders. One may only withdraw the required number of coins and click on the appropriate button to instantly sell or buy a crypto asset. If you are interested in full-fledged trading, select the market you are interested in and click on it. You will find a full trading page with a trading terminal. On the left side, there is a standard Japanese price chart. The Kucoin developers allowed users to customize the appearance of graphics. On the right side of the screen, there is a depth of market and the statistics of executed transactions. If you go down a little, you will see a special form for opening orders, including stop-loss orders.

Commission fee

A small commission fee is one of the main competitive advantages of Kucoin. For users, it is 0.1% and for the holders of token Kucoin – 0,05%. Even for users who are not holders of the internal token, the fee for the transaction is giveaway. But if you are trading large sums daily, it makes sense to buy a few Kucoin coins to increase the trade profitability.

Pros and cons of the exchange

Among the positive aspects of the exchange, we should note:

  • The presence of modern and convenient tools for the trader;
  • A democratic trade commission and no fees for money deposit;
  • Competent support service and timely response to requests;
  • A three-level referral program that allows you to gain passive income by attracting new traders;
  • The simple registration process and no need to verify personal data.

Among the negative aspects of the exchange, it should be noted that it is not possible to make deposits and trade concerning fiat currencies. In all other parameters, including security, the exchange keeps a leading position among its competitors.

Complex algorithms of encryption and customer authentication are integrated into the system. At the same time, the security architecture does not stand still and is constantly being improved and tested. But the basic element of security is still two-factor authentication, which minimizes the probability of stealing the customer’s money through unauthorized access to the account.


Kucoin exchange is a successful young project, which attracts investors from different parts of the world. To date, the registration on the exchange is open to everyone, and there is no verification as a way to deanonymize users. The main advantage of the exchange is the presence of an affiliate program that allows registered participants to earn money by attracting new users. As for the functionality, it is quite rich and makes Kucoin exchange one of the most convenient for investors interested in buying digital assets.

Kucoin is operated by professionals in the IT and finance fields. The company’s management has ambitions to make its project one of the most ambitious in terms of trading volumes. Therefore, the prospects of the exchange for the coming years are quite bright, and if you want to start trading or just change the exchange – Kucoin will be an acceptable option in terms of reliability, the size of the commission fee, and the functionality.

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