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Kriweb is Turkey-based hosting company. They offer the following services: CDN, SSL, Shared Hosting. Their servers are placed in Istanbul. 100% of user reviews who used Kriweb are positive.

9 reasons to choose Kriweb

Happy Customers
Kriweb, which has been offering the best service economically and rapidly for 23 years, is getting stronger with the increasing number of customers every day.

Process Simplicity
It is very easy for you to solve all your needs in Kriweb. All processes in Kriweb are very easy and fast to manage your job accurately and quickly.

Instant Setup
You can start using everything that will benefit your website by integrating it into your website within minutes. Kriweb is at your side with its online and instant setup advantages.

Kriweb is always with you to deliver all content and images you publish on your website to your visitors as quickly as possible!

24/7 Professional Support
The expert and experienced technical team within Kriweb is always on your side and your job to make your life easier.

A secure website protects both its business and its users. The easy way to protect your website with international certification assurance is in Kriweb!

Founded in 1996, Kriweb has pioneered many innovations in its sector for 23 years and offers fast and reliable service.

Good Price Policy
Kriweb acts by considering quality and good price policies in all products, services and services it offers.

Correct Communication
Kriweb regularly makes SMS and mail notifications to inform you about the processes of all the products and services you purchase.


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