Kim Reece Gets Recognition for Her Role in Bringing Crypto Site that Exploits Children to an End

Kim Reece has been nominated as one of the few who will be honored at the Samuel J. Heyman Service to America Medal.

Kim Reece, an analyst in criminal activities, is among the few selected persons for the Samuel J. Heyman Service to America Medal. She is being recognized for her exploits in tracking down the activities of child pornography site. This was made known on May 28.

After Reece started the job, an international group picked interest to probe further. They found out that this child porn site used cryptos to conceal their activities. With crypto payment, one could download over a million videos.

Following investigation, the owner of the site was caught along with more than 300 users. Also, 25 children were resuced by the National Crime Agency of the UK. South Korea also used their police to arrest Jong Woo who was a leader of the child porn site. The police are now in custody of the server that was used for the project.

Child porn content seized is about 8TB

After gathering the seized contents, it was discovered that they had up to 250,000 videos for downloads which amounted to over 8 TB.

The porn site made money by selling porn videos using BTC. A forum was used to facilitate transactions between the buyers and sellers. There were claims in March 2018 that over one million downloads were recorded.

Nearly one million users registered

Further investigations revealed that the site would give every registered member a special BTC address and approximately one million addresses were already generated.

The Deputy Director of US ICE applauded Reece’s efforts saying:

“Even more important than this prestigious acknowledgment, however, is her continued dedication and use of her expertise to protect exploited children. The efforts of Ms. Reece and her interagency partners were instrumental to the takedown of this international criminal organization.”

The US Department of Justice was also helpful in tracking down the activities of these criminals by investigating the activities on the registered BTC addresses.

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