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The cryptocurrency crowdfunding market has grown explosively over the past few years, reaching 200 million in 2016. Katalyse(formerly FundYourselfNow) is a new platform for Entrepreneurs to list, create and launch their ICOs for FREE! The newly launched self service ICO and Token issuance feature on the platform allows businesses/developers to issue tokens within a few minutes, conduct ICOs via smart contracts and allow users to participate safely. Backers will receive Project tokens in their wallets as soon as they transfer funds.

Token Info
TokenKatalyse / KAT
Tokens for Sale12,500,000
Investment Info
Price in ICO2.0133 USD
Distributed in ICOUnknown

Timeline / Roadmap

June 2016

Idea Creation

November 2016

Alpha Prototype

February 2017

Website Launch

June – July 2017

Initial Coin Offering

Before Q3 2017

- Development of Alpha version of FYN platform - FYN Crowdsale Fundraising Portal & Marketing Campaign

Q1 2018

- FYN Platform Launch - Launch Global FYN marketing campaign - Partner with leading legal firms to provide legal advice for FYN project creators

Q2 2018

Complete Development for Bitcoin Smart Contracts using Rootstock (RSK)

Q3 2018

- Completion of Internal Marketplace for Token Trading - Complete Mobile App for FYN

September 2018

- Rebranding to Katalyse.io

Team Members

Team Members
Jack Ser
Team Members
Kenneth Tan
Co-Founder, COO
Team Members
Zheng Junyi
Core Ethereum & Smart Contract Developer
Team Members
Gary Bhatti
Solution Architect
Team Members
Charlene Bautista
UI/UX Designer
Team Members
Sam Martinez
Business Development Director
Team Members
Business Development Manager

About Katalyse

FundYourselfNow is a much more efficient way to well.. fund yourself. We aim to revolutionize crowdfunding through our platform.


The system has a friendly and easy to use interface, for project creators to post information on their projects. Potential backers will be able to browse through projects and filter them by the location and project type. 

Interactive Project Page
Low Transaction Fees
Unique rewards
Our platform will utilize smart contracts to hold the virtual currency collected and perform the disbursement of the collected money and project tokens automatically, without any coding knowledge required. 

Smart Contracts on Blockchain
Milestone based payment
Verified Project Creators
Project helpers will be rewarded with bounty credits, which can be exchanged for project tokens. The platform will allow users to trade Item Tokens/Rewards that have been created during the funding process. 

Reward Helpers with tokens
Token Trading
Cash Conversion
Our platform will allow project creators to seek project help from our very own community of professionals with specialized skillsets. Users will be able to leave comments and participate in discussion with the project community. 

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