Jur is a justice as a service on the blockchain built to recreate trust in business relationships, allowing people to safely make agreements digitally enforced thanks to a peer to peer dispute resolution system. The dispute resolution layer can be used by platforms, smart contracts and third-party applications. On it, we create the first marketplace of smart legal agreement to allow anyone to create smart legal agreement in simplicity, pay, have an escrow on the blockchain and, in case of dispute, have a rapid, incorruptible and economic dispute resolution.

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    @peepso_user_11077(ziuljoao) already received the 5th payment $ 4.71,💸💸 💸💸💸 thanks! Administrator
    I'm really enjoying working at Fivex, the site is reliable.
    link: https://fivex.us/?ref=ziuljoao
    3 weeks ago 3 weeks ago