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Jur is a justice as a service on the blockchain built to recreate trust in business relationships, allowing people to safely make agreements digitally enforced thanks to a peer to peer dispute resolution system. The dispute resolution layer can be used by platforms, smart contracts and third-party applications. On it, we create the first marketplace of smart legal agreement to allow anyone to create smart legal agreement in simplicity, pay, have an escrow on the blockchain and, in case of dispute, have a rapid, incorruptible and economic dispute resolution.

Token Info
Token JUR / JUR
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Tokens for Sale 400,000,000
Investment Info
Accepting ETH
Price in ICO Unknown
Distributed in ICO 40%
Raised Unknown

Timeline / Roadmap

Q3 - 2017

Idea Conception.

Q4 - 2017

Whitepaper 1.0 and Focus Groups; Early Investments and Private Alfa Version; Company Incorporation; Team building.

Q1 - 2018

Seed Round; Patent.

Q2 - 2018

Whitepaper v.1.0; Temporary Website; Blockchain Alliance; Hire Business Development for Asia and South East Asia.

Q3 - 2018

New Website; Whitepaper v.2; Technical Paper.

Q4 - 2018

MVP Release; ICO; Tests on Open Voting System.

Q1 - 2019

Voting Web Interface; Arbitration Contract; Smart Legal Agreement Injector.

Q2 - 2019

Smart Legal Agreement Builder; Oracles Groups, Hubs; Early Adopters in Cryptocommunity (OTC Transactions, Investments etc...).

Q3 - 2019

APIs to Third Parties; Tests on Hub Voting; Build up Oracle Community; Marketing and Business Development for Freelancers Acquisitions.

Q4 - 2019

Mobile Version; Integration with Stable Coin; Continuing Marketing Operations; Starting Marketing and Business Development in Asia.

Q1 - 2020

Blockchain Switch; Build up a Multilingual Customer Support Team; Hiring Experienced Community Managers to Growth and getting the Community Stronger.

Q2 - 2020

Jur Platform V.2 Advanced Version; Advanced Smart Legal Agreement Builder; Community Operations.

Team Members

Team Members
Alessandro Palombo
CEO And Cofounder
Team Members
Giotto De Filippi
Team Members
Filippo Schiano Di Pepe
Team Members
Federico Schiano Di Pepe
Team Members
Luca Yesupatham Daniel
Team Members
Ivan Granito
Team Members
Raffaele Battaglini LL.M
Team Members
Adam Dossa
Blockchain Architect
Team Members
Luca Viviani
Team Members
Chris Connelly
Team Members
Lingfeng Li
Head Of Business Development Asia
Team Members
Ariel Mielich
Cofounder And Project Lead @ Decentraland
Team Members
David Orban
Managing Partner @ Network Venture Society
Team Members
Enrico Ferro
Head Of Innovation Dept. @ Istituto Superiore Boella
Team Members
Matthew Briant
CEO And Cofounder Of Rascal Digital, Ex-Disney, Ex-Dentsu

About JUR

Jur offers a more efficient legal contract and dispute resolution system that delivers reliable results and immediate enforcement to replace the current inefficient, costly, slow system. Jur is built on the blockchain to guarantee tamper-proof reliability. Jur uses the principles of game theory to harness the power of the wisdom of the crowd. Economic incentives motivate voters to help resolve disputes at near zero cost to the parties in dispute and guarantee reliably fair results.

Jur creates a new dimension of trust in business relationships based on easy-tocreate, effective Smart Legal Agreements backed up by a near-zero cost, swift, and fair decentralized dispute resolution system enforced on the blockchain.

Futurists predict that eventually smart contracts will replace conventional legal agreements in many areas, but without a better dispute resolution system, smart contracts are only a partial solution. In the near term, Jur will be very useful for simple agreements. In the medium term, Jur users will create specialized Hubs with voters who are qualified to resolve disputes over more complex agreements. In the long term, Jur will allow creation of more complex agreements composed of a series of linked contracts. Hubs will continue to evolve as economically motivated users develop resources for increasingly specialized markets so that Jur can offer an alternative for an expanding universe of agreements.