Jonathan Herzog, supporter of Crypto, Vies for US Congress Position

The 26-year old aspirant for the US Congress has this as one of his campaign speeches: “our future is decentralized and open source.”

Jonathan Herzog is a supporter of cryptocurrency who will be competing with his fellow democrat, Jerry Nadler. Jerry Nadler has been in the New York’s 10th Congressional District since 2013 but he may face a fierce contest this time.

Andrew Yang who was a presidential candidate some years ago says Herzog first made his intention known in 2019. However, he happens to be more engrossed with the happenings in the crypto market involving BTC and ETH.

Herzog is known to make some speeches to appeal for support. They are “Time for a representative who knows what Bitcoin is,” and “our future is decentralized and open source.”

Herzog, like Yang

Herzog is adopting the same campaign measures as Yang did few years ago. He is talking about his willingness to promote Universal Basic Income (UBI) and digital assets. He is also calling on crypto supporters to choose him over Nadler.

Expectations not too much

Many crypto enthusiasts are happy that Herzog is running for the position because they believe he will support UBI and digital currency. However, some others think that these are not enough reasons to elect him into office.

CatnipHappy, a Reddit user, says he would have been happy to support Herzog but he is not likely to win. He wants to support someone else who can win the election if he supports UBI.

According to the media in New York City, Nadler is more likely to win because he is more popular and has made some positive impacts in office.

Despite the media’s opinion, there are still some who have remained optimistic. On Twitter, Jadentheman said:

“They said the same about AOC. There is a small chance something could happen.”

The primaries will be held on June 23 to decide if the flag bearer for the democratic party will be Herzog, Nadler or Lindsey Boylan.

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