John McAfee Shies Away from His $1M Price Prediction for Bitcoin

John McAfee no longer thinks his price prediction for Bitcoin is true nor ever will be as he tells people to face the reality.

John McAfee, a known British-American cryptocurrency enthusiast who usually has and shares unpopular opinions about the crypto market recently tweeted that his forecast that Bitcoin would be $1 million is “nonsense.” He thinks it is time to face the reality.

McAfee had a change of mind after comparing what this would look like with the GDP of the entire continent of North America. He said:

 “If Bitcoin ever hit $1 mil, it’s market cap would be greater than the GDP of the entire North American Continent.”

McAfee has diverted to another coin

McAfee recently tweeted that Bitcoin is “the most crippled” crypto technology. He has made comments similar to this before now. He used the word “ancient” some months ago to describe the same coin he once promoted. He confessed that at the time he mentioned that Bitcoin would reach $1 million, he was only trying to lure people to start using cryptocurrency.

McAfee now has his own cryptocurrency which he calls Ghost. He believes that Ghost and another cryptocurrency known as HEX are much better than Bitcoin. He thinks these two coins will compete better than Bitcoin for users in time to come.

McAfee is not denying the fact that his coin is “copy-pasted” from the coin, PIVX.

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