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Itpays is Norway-based hosting company. They offer the following services: Shared Hosting, VPS, Dedicated Server. Their servers are placed in Norway.

Virtual server
Itpays also offers hosting based on virtual dedicated servers, also called VPS or VDS. With a virtual server, you can get your own server but at a cheaper price than a dedicated server.

Do you experience a lot of spam?
Our spam and virus scanners are updated daily, and remove the most well-known and most widespread spam and viruses that can be found on the internet per.¬†today’s date.

Itpays as was established in¬†2001¬†and is among the country’s largest providers of various hosting services.¬†We have an¬†AAA rating at DUN & BRADSTREET¬†, which means that we are a well-established company with strong finances and impeccable ability to pay.

We operate our own server in Norway with redundant solutions for increased security. We also use various suppliers on our fiber lines, also when it comes to guideways into the server park. We use the best solutions for optimal server operation. Customers should feel confident that they will have good uptime and stable solutions.

Itpays specializes in the sale of Internet-related services, such as web hosting , domain registration , virtual and dedicated server rental . We are an accredited NORID registrar.

Everything from private individuals, small businesses to municipalities and the state has chosen us as a supplier over the years.


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