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IT Itch is New Zealand-based hosting company. They offer the following services: Shared Hosting, VPS, Dedicated Server. Their servers are placed in next locations: United Kingdom, United States, India, Hong Kong, Turkey, New Zealand. 0% of user reviews who used IT Itch are positive.

IT Itch is the first full service web hosting company to be actively advocating for internet privacy and anonymity while offering bitcoin payment by default.

We use world-class domain and hosting infrastructure, all coupled with the best privacy protection and security features. Rest assured that your personal or business website is safe and secure in our hands.

We help individuals, businesses and activist groups keep their digital identity anonymous, their online data private and their websites running. We go out of our way to keep your website online.

On top of this, you get a company that stands up for internet freedom and is willing to fight for you.

Family and Friends
People like you and your family use IT Itch to register domain names privately and to set up websites anonymously. Privacy-savvy individuals protect themselves and their children by keeping their online information secret.
Businesses use IT Itch to build and host their websites, manage their domain portfolios, to keep their business strategies confidential and to stay ahead of their competition with our world-class hosting and domain services.
Activists use IT Itch to register domain names anonymously, build websites quickly, and host their websites without requiring any details that would revel their identity. We champion free speech and go out of our way to keep activist websites up and running even in the face of industry and political opposition.

Journalists, Bloggers & Whistleblowers
Journalists, media and bloggers use IT Itch to protect their identity and their sources online. We are a safe haven for political bloggers and anyone who cares about security and privacy.
Bitcoin Enthusiasts
Bitcoin enthusiasts use IT Itch because we were the first full-service web hosting and domain name company to be actively advocating for internet privacy and anonymity while offering bitcoin payment by default. We love bitcoins and are very active in the bitcoin community and they support us in return.
Free Speech & Privacy Advocates
The right to free speech and the right to privacy are basic human rights but large organisations and governments are increasing eroding these rights. IT Itch fights back with products like anonymous web hosting and private domain name registration.

SERVER LOCATIONS: United Kingdom,  United States,  India,  Hong Kong,  Turkey,  New Zealand

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