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ISPserver is Russia-based hosting company. They offer the following services: VPS, Dedicated Server, Cloud Hosting. Their servers are placed in Moscow. 0% of user reviews who used ISPserver are positive.

Enable backups — prevent the loss of your data. A backup copy of the data from your server is stored at the special remote hard drive. It will help to recover the data and keep your business running even in case of complete data loss of your server.

Fully Managed Services
Our experienced engineers will make sure your hosting service is at its top performance. We’ll tailor the server to your needs and install any mandatory software. You needn’t worry if you had no prior experience maintaining a website, we’ll do everything necessary for you, free of charge.

Server Configuration
We’ll optimally prepare the server and configure the web environment.

Migration assistance
We’ll transfer your data from another hosting provider and deploy your backups if necessary.

In case something stops working we’ll find out why and fix it. We’ll walk you through the steps for the same to not occur again, and offer our full assistance setting up additional software you may need. If you need customized software, we will provide you detailed installation instructions, or install it for you.

Software Installation
We’ll install an operating system, additional server software and a CMS for you. Get in touch with the technical support to arrange the time.

Security Monitoring
We support our customers’ needs to secure their data and protect their websites from intruders. Therefore, we help by setting up protection against DDoS attacks and switch to HTTPS protocol, by installing an SSL certificate, for data encryption.


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