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Internoc24 LLC is hosting company that offer the following services: VPS, Dedicated Server. Their servers are placed in next locations: Frankfurt am Main, Roubaix, Paris, Cairo, Tallinn, Reykjavik, Amsterdam, London, Bucharest, Moscow, Helsinki, New York, Atlanta, Dallas, San Francisco, Washington.

What is Offshore Hosting?
The general definition of Offshore Hosting thats be recognized, is the option of your hosting your data in a different country other than your own. However, there are more characteristics to offshore hosting, which we’ll outline below;

1) Data Privacy

Offshore hosting providers value data privacy claim of their customers immensely, and the laws of the country in which it is located reflect this value as well – it doesn’t permit corrupt or non-corrupt entities from retrieving data to serve their benefits at the cost of clients’ privacy in any form

2) Flexibility of content

Offshore hosting providers have a more flexible content policy, which does not violate the laws of a democratic, first-world country. For example, we allow the expression of one’s political views in a country where freedom of speech is not tolerated, or sharing sensitive and relevant information in a country where freedom of press is not permitted.

Why choose Offshore Hosting?
Offshore Hosting is the perfect solution

-for those who wish to host their data outside of their own country;
-for those who do not want their data or identity shared with third parties;
-or those who want to express themselves through freedom of speech;
-for those who want to host adult, gambling, movie websites, etc.

SERVER LOCATIONS: Frankfurt am Main,  Roubaix,  Paris,  Cairo,  Tallinn,  Reykjavik,  Amsterdam,  London,  Bucharest,  Moscow… More

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