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About Insureum / ISR

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The Insureum Protocol uses blockchain to create a decentralized ecosystem that connects insurers, their policyholders, and third parties.

Token Info
Token Insureum / ISR
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC-20
Tokens for Sale 193,050,000
Investment Info
Accepting ETH
Price in ICO 1.0000 USD
Distributed in ICO 65%
Raised Unknown

Timeline / Roadmap

april 1st, 2017

The Challenge Launches.

May 1st, 2017

Blockchain pilot project with SKT and CoinPlug.

June 1st, 2017

Collaboration with KB Card.

April, 2018

Team and Advisory board development.

May 30th, 2018


Q3 2018

Pilot testing of Inserum Protocol with The Challenge as a data platform.

Q4 2018

Globalise user data gathering platform.


Launch The Insureum Protocol (Phase 0).


Start Phase 1.


Start Phase 2.

Q3 2021

Start Phase 3.


Pilot test process automation of Underwriting.

Team Members

Team Members
Kyung-Tae Kim
Co-founder, CTO & Co-CEO
Team Members
David Suh
Co-founder, CFO and co-CEO
Team Members
Thomas Choi
Lead blockchain developer
Team Members
Ziggy Bak
Growth hacking Director
Team Members
Jay Kim
Senior Developer
Team Members
Andrew Seo
Sales Director
Team Members
Michael Ahn
Marketing Manager
Team Members
Peter Han
Junior blockchain developer
Team Members
Newt Choi
Customer service Manager
Team Members
Donna Lee
Financial Administrator
Team Members
Will O’Brien
Technical and Strategic Advisor
Team Members
Chanwoo Lee
Investment Advisor
Team Members
Ismail Malik
Blockchain and media advisor
Team Members
Kingsley Edwards
Blockchain advisor
Team Members
Santhosh Kumaraswamy
Engineering Advisor
Team Members
Chanki Lee
Investment advisor
Team Members
Yohan John Kim
Investment advisor
Team Members
Sungjae Hwang
Investment advisor
Team Members
Chiweon Kim
Healthcare advisor
Team Members
Yoon-Sup Choi
Healthcare advisor
Team Members
Kwang-nam Kim
Investment advisor
Team Members
Sung-ki Lim
Insurance advisor
Team Members
Gana Oh
Medical advisor

About Insureum

Despite the insurance industry’s success over the last 30 years, it has never been a technology leader. Finally, with the Insuruem Protocol, the insurance value chain will become cost efficient and simple, and create larger value in the insurance industry by enabling transactions between stakeholders. Insurance companies, policyholders and 3rd parties alike can all make transactions according to their own competencies, and all excess value (created from the transactions) is shared based on their contribution.

Zikto started negotiations with insurance and financial institutions in 2015, concerning the gathering and processing of lifecycle data. It was these new connections that led Zikto down the path toward changing their focus as a company.

The Zikto team realized that a lot of players in traditional finance-based sectors have a strong initiative to understand their current and potential customers. A data-gathering intermediary can be a real asset for these sectors to understand their target audiences. With reliable data, they can develop better products that are customized, digitalized and more cost-efficient.

However, it is very difficult and costly for these sectors to gather this data by themselves. It requires a significant investment of time and money to develop and integrate such a system, market it to the public, manage the data gathering processes, and analyze it. The Challenge, Zikto’s data integration platform, bridged the gap nicely by providing data and analysis gathered from various smart devices. Zikto secured a number of sales agreements and ongoing negotiations with global insurance companies, as The Challenge offered a good value-for-price. As just one of millions of app developers, Zikto ultimately decided to side with the win-win monetization strategy of adjusting their focus to the processing and integration of data.

Now, Zikto is expanding the idea of data sharing to another level: developing a protocol to facilitate the transactions. It will promote more stakeholders in the traditional insurance industry, benefiting all. Insurers will find easier ways to gather data, users and policyholders will have access to better insurance products, and third parties like app developers and sales agencies will find optimal ways to monetize their services and products.

The Insureum Protocol is a new blockchain-based insurance ecosystem that seeks to connect insurers, their customers, and developers. It is designed to assist insurance companies in tailoring insurance policies to individual lifestyles to provide unique incentives for customers.

Zikto’s vision is for the Insureum Protocol to create the conditions through which many new insurance products attractive to people under the age of forty are developed.