Insightly CRM system review, insightly-com advantages and disadvantages

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Insightly is a powerful CRM system that makes it possible to competently manage all stages of interaction with a client, from collecting leads to concluding a deal. With this software you control the whole sales pipeline. All the tools needed to launch and manage large-scale marketing campaigns are integrated in a single concise interface.

The Insightly-com system is available on a paid basis in three tariff suites. You can pay for a subscription using a credit card or PayPal. At the same time, it is possible to use the tool for free with a limitation of the number of users up to 2 people.


Insightly CRM has a number of features that make this platform special. Among them there are:

  1. System for analyzing relations with the audience. You can plan your sales based on the data from the customer interaction maps. With the help of this toolkit you can easily track the structure of the organization and partnerships with contacts from your list.
  2. Sales acceleration system. Competent sales pipeline management successfully implemented on the platform in combination with the workflow automation optimizes the closing a deal time. You can manage leads by automatically tracking all correspondence.
  3. After-sales customer support. The repeated tasks automation ensures the timely delivery of goods or services to consumers.
  4. High integrative potential. You can integrate over 200 third-party applications with instant data synchronization. The platform provides single sign-on for Office 365, G Suite, Active Directory and SAML.
  5. High level of security. CRM provides a reliable data encryption system, backup and access settings for individual profiles.
  6. Friendly to Google services. Insightly is perfect for those who got used to working with Google tools.
  7. Opportunities for developers. Thanks to the open API and webhooks, developers can freely enrich their products with the potential of CRM.

A big advantage of the system is that it has passed an independent test for compliance with SOC 2 Type II and GDPR, which indicates a serious approach of developers to data security and privacy issues.


Insightly CRM offers 3 paid subscription plans on the terms below.


  • Price: 29 USD per month;
  • Record limit: 100,000;
  • File storage: 10 GB;
  • Import records limit: 25.000;
  • Mass emailing: 2,500 emails per day;
  • Mobile application for Android and iOS;
  • Real-time synchronization of mobile data;
  • Mobile scanning of business cards: 15 business cards;
  • Integration of mobile contact and calendar;
  • Mobile voice notes;
  • Integrated project management;
  • Checkpoints and associated task tracking;
  • Synchronization of the calendar;
  • Customizable project processes;
  • Converting won opportunities into projects;
  • Integration with login, calendar and Google G-Suite documents;
  • Integration with Microsoft Office 365 Login, Calendar and OneDrive;
  • Slack integration with AI-bot;
  • Insightly Add-in for Outlook;
  • Insightly Gmail add-on;
  • Lead management;
  • Automatic duplicate detection;
  • Preset email templates;
  • Visualization of potential customers using the “kanban” method;
  • Web-capturing a lead;
  • Automatic capture of user data from social networks;
  • Contacts and organization management;
  • Task and event management;
  • Communication with customer relationships;
  • Attaching files from cloud storage;
  • Opportunity management;
  • Customizable sales processes;
  • Application of tasks and events sets;
  • Appointment of a sales team;
  • Simple batch records update;
  • Built-in business intelligence dashboards;
  • Customizable reports;
  • Individual scheduling of reports and email sending;
  • Roles and permissions: 2;
  • Customizable profiles and page layouts: 2;
  • Over 250 integrations with business applications;
  • Published web services API;
  • Calendar synchronization;
  • Contact synchronization;
  • Integration with Gmail and Outlook;
  • Integration with cloud file storage;
  • Standard support plan.


  • Price: 49 USD per month;
  • All PLUS options;
  • Record limit: 250.000;
  • File storage: 100 GB;
  • Import records limit: 50,000;
  • Mass emailing: 5.000 emails per day;
  • Lead assignment and routing;
  • Outbound email scheduling;
  • Built-in dialer and call log: chargeable
  • Automatic call analysis and reporting: paid;
  • Scanning mobile business cards: 25 business cards;
  • Customizable real-time insight cards: 100;
  • Customized business intelligence dashboards and sharing;
  • Full workflow automation;
  • Creation objects of any types;
  • Roles and permissions: unlimited;
  • Customizable profiles and page layouts: unlimited;
  • Customizable webhooks;
  • Configurable outbound webhooks;
  • Individual plan of support and services: paid;
  • Professional services: paid;
  • Developer API Support: Paid.


  • Price: 99 USD per month;
  • All options of the PROFESSIONAL suite;
  • No recording limits;
  • File storage: unlimited;
  • Import records limit: 50,000;
  • Mass emailing: 10.000 emails per day;
  • Scanning mobile business cards: 50 business cards;
  • Customizable real-time analytics maps: unlimited;
  • Products, price books and quotes;
  • Custom validation rules;
  • Calculated fields on any object;
  • Deploy custom apps on any platform;
  • Lambda function authoring and execution;
  • Dynamic page layout rules;
  • Scheduling serverless lambda functions.


Insightly is a competitive offer in the CRM market. For relatively little money, your company gets at its disposal functional software you can fill the base of potential customers, increase interest in the product through mailings, ensure a high conversion rate and subsequent after-sales service with.

You can test the capabilities of Insightly-com right now by signing up for the official website and using the free version of the software. After making sure that CRM meets the needs of your business, you can pay for a suitable tariff plan in any convenient way and use the software product without limits.

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