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Infonet AS is Estonia-based hosting company. They offer the following services: Shared Hosting, VPS, Dedicated Server. Their servers are placed in Estonia.

AS Infonet was officially registered in 1993, but our history began earlier, in the¬†era of Fidonet¬†and¬†BBS¬†enthusiasts in the early 1990s.¬†Modems ”¬†Hayes Smartmodem¬†¬Ľ 1200 bit / s, a multi-purpose system¬†DESQView¬†, FrontDoor –ł¬†Maximus BBS¬†, the first¬†SCO¬†and¬†BSDI UNIX¬†,¬†Windows 3.0¬†, and browser¬†NSCA Mosaic¬†…

Few¬†ISPs¬†have since this time-honored, or retained their independence …

Infonet today
Today, Infonet is one of the leaders in the communications market, one of the main activities of which is the creation and development of the optical network Saturn , an infrastructure that connects the residents of Tallinn via a high-speed computer network. Thanks to Saturn, tens of thousands of customers have already had the opportunity to join a high-speed connection of up to 300 Mbit / s!

We offer not only¬†internet¬†,¬†hosting¬†and¬†DIGI-TV¬†service, but also a completely new approach to customers: the company’s new home office allows us to evaluate our services in a relaxed atmosphere in the usual guest room.¬†At the address “Tallinn, Suurt√ľki 8”, helpful staff is waiting for you, who are ready to provide affordable assistance in choosing both services and equipment for your home or office.

In cooperation with our partner, STV cable TV operator, we offer a wide range of digital TV programs in SD and HD formats.

Infonet brand – this is not only a high-tech company, but also the children’s football club FC Infonet, which has won trophies since 2000!


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