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iNames is Republic of Korea-based hosting company. They offer the following services: Shared Hosting, Dedicated Server, SSL. Their servers are placed in Republic of Korea.

Growth through change
A company that creates a better tomorrow
Inames has been constantly growing through innovation and change.
Beyond short-term profits, we have strived to provide greater trust and impression to customers by fulfilling our social responsibilities as a corporate citizen.
We promise to continue to grow with our customers as a better company through new technologies and services.

Inames is a domestic/international domain registration company, and is a representative domain registration company in Korea that registers and manages more than 20% of Korea’s 1.3 million domains.

gTLD & ccTLD
Inames is contributing to the expansion of Internet competitiveness in Korea by supporting the construction and operation of gTLD (international domain) and ccTLD (national domain) name servers based on the technology and know-how accumulated at home and abroad.

Inames provides a variety of e-Business Total Services & Solutions that meet the needs of customers at customer contact points such as domain, web hosting, security authentication, webmail, and homepage production.

Social Responsibility
Inames supports various social contribution activities, such as helping to bridge the information gap in developing countries, sponsoring boys and girls, and helping North Korean children. *Received 8 times for social contribution (2006~2013)

SERVER LOCATIONS: Republic of Korea

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