Illegal Crypto Mining Farms Found in the Free Economic Zone of Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Reports have it that illegal crypto mining is going on at the Free Economic Zone “Bishkek” and some of those behind it are involved in the government’s administration.

Some agencies that enforce the law in Kyrgyzstan said they have found that illegal crypto mining is going on at the free economic zone (FEZ).

In fact, the report says the mining farm is a big one. The agency that discovered this is the State Service for Combating Economic Crimes. It made a video of the farm and posted it on YouTube today.

The authorities are part of it

The discovery was made when some officers were surveying the environment. They saw that some crypto mining farms got illegal supply of electricity and an internet connection was there too. reported that the government is now looking for those involved and how they got their power supply.

It is suspected that the miners got the protection of some officials at the local government organizations and those who were in charge of the FEZ.

Bishkek, the place where the illegal activity was found, is the capital and largest city of Kyrgyz Republic. The Free Economic Zone of Bishkek is where private businesses in the country are encouraged to grow. This zone was created over 20 years ago.

Global crypto mining firms love to stay in Kyrgyzstan

Owing to the cheap supply of electricity in the country, many crypto mining firms that are known globally have called the country their heaven. Last year, power supply workers revealed that 45 crypto mining firms were disconnected because their consumption of electricity was too high and if they were left to continue, inhabitants of some regions would be in darkness. Two months ago, the country’s legislators thought it would be wise to tax crypto miners so that the government can have more revenue.

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