IBM-partnered Blockchain Postgraduate Program Kicks off in Australian University

A research university in Australia, RMIT, has added cybersecurity and blockchain to the list of postgraduate courses it offers.

RMIT University now gives you a degree to study blockchain and cybersecurity.

On May 26, RMIT said it will be working with three agencies to make this happen. They are IBM, Stone & Chalk and Palo Alto Networks. This collaboration adds more value to the certificate the school will issue upon successful completion.

Interested persons can start applying ahead of October admissions. The program is expected to last for only 9 months.

Giving more attention to the demands of blockchain jobs

The reason RMIT started the postgraduate programs is to give more attention to the demands of blockchain jobs especially in the areas of blockchain and cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity jobs in Australia are expected to soar in the next six years when the industry hits 6 billion AUD. This will create the demand of at least 18,000 jobs; hence the need to start the training.

Also, the blockchain industry has a projection of 80% growth per annum. At the moment, only about 0.05% of personnel managers in the industry find the right people for the available jobs.

Helen Souness, the Chief Executive of RMIT online classes has this to say:

“The unpredictable nature of our current environment requires us to strengthen and accelerate our understanding of the digital landscape. Cybersecurity and blockchain technologies are emerging as business-critical skills and we are delivering the training that provides those skills in our workforce.”

Rupert Colchester who is the blockchain head of operations in Australia and New Zealand expressed confidence in the quality of graduates the program will create. He said:

“Students will also be able to build more transparent supply chains which can be used across a number of industries ranging from the financial sector to fast moving consumer goods.”

RMIT has done something similar to this when they started “Developing Blockchain Strategy” which is a two-month course for blockchain enthusiasts.

Students who see their future in blockchain and cybersecurity are encouraged to take part in these programs as they promise to be worthwhile.

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