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iBiz Network is Thailand-based hosting company. They offer the following services: Shared Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Resellers, SSL. Their servers are placed in Thailand.

IBiz Network Company Limited (iBiz Network) was established on September 3, 2001 to support private organizations. Providing comprehensive online services such as website development Web applications, web hosting, server maintenance and optimization. Increase efficiency And security, mail server gateway Filters viruses and spam, register domain names SSL security certificate
There are many more services currently available. To meet the needs of customers, technology and era, such as cloud hosting, email server, e-commerce online store platform, business website building platform, online marketing landing page, chatbot platform. And connection with Line and Facebook Messenger for customer service and CRM, and to develop software according to the needs of the organization.
In addition to our commitment to service, the 3 things we take most seriously: First, information security.¬†All the data is on the cloud platform.¬†Can’t be accessed directly from the hardware¬†There are advanced security measures in accessing information.¬†And prevent theft from bad (hacker). Second, the stability of the platform.¬†That dares to guarantee a 99.99% SLA, compensation according to the inability¬†For cloud server service¬†And the third story¬†Full understanding of developers¬†We are happy to help.¬†And take care of the background to grow your platform and business.


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