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i-host is Poland-based hosting company. They offer the following services: Shared Hosting, Cloud Hosting. Their servers are placed in Poland.

Perfection in detail

We’ve put together a hosting management software that is always up and running, always supported, and always up to date. We provide everything for hosting your websites.

Matching packages  

Don’t overpay. When using regular web hosting, you will receive a package of services that you will never use … but you will pay for them. With us you will have cheap and good hosting for what you need.

Clear rules

No fluff or fine print at the end of the contract. We are there for you and we want to be your partners – simply and comfortably. Even if you have a problem, you can count on our support. Always and everywhere.

24/7 assistance

You can count on our support. We work 24 hours a day to make your web host run smoothly, efficiently and without any interruptions. We make sure that your hosting is as good as you need it.

We are constantly developing not only our infrastructure, but also the software we use

Own server room

We have our own server room with an independent connection to the Internet and power supply. It is equipped with a decentralized UPS system and redundant air conditioning. We also have a combustion power generator with the ATS system, which starts automatically in the event of a power outage longer than 15 seconds

Proprietary software

We know how important support is. To ensure the highest quality of services, we resigned from generally available server management solutions and wrote our own software. It provides convenience and comfort in managing the service while maintaining the highest security standards.


Linux, Apache, MySql, PHP – the world’s most popular platform. Our servers offer full support for MySql databases and the PHP programming language. Installation of any application based on these solutions takes a few minutes. You have a week of free tests, find out how simple it is.

100% tailored to your needs

Postgresql? Oracle? Lots of memory or processor? No problem! All our services allow for very high personalization. Within a few moments, we can increase the parameters of your server or install virtually any application. You just have to make that wish.


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