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hyperhosting is Greece-based hosting company. They offer the following services: Shared Hosting, Dedicated Server, Cloud Hosting, SSL, DDoS Protection Services, CDN. Their servers are placed in Athens.

Our hosting packages provide everything a website needs in order to have a perfect and continuous presence on the Internet. In each of our packages, you enjoy the following:

-The easiest control panel on the market (cPanel)
-24-hour monitoring of servers for the smooth appearance of sites
-Telephone support for anything that concerns you about our service
-Support via Helpdesk out of hours or even on holidays
-Provide backup  every two (2) hours  in a week!
-Servers that are not overloaded
-Continuous control of each file (the moment it is uploaded to the server) for exploits and identification of security -vulnerabilities in client applications

All the above together, contribute to provide a service that we are sure will fully meet your needs, will free your hands (as you will not have problems with the appearance of your site due to server issues), allowing dedicate all your time to your work or personal life, as it should be.


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