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4.8 (5 votes)
Alexa Traffic Rank: 449,813

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is an affiliate network marketing. Affiliate marketing is a viable income option but it requires dedication and commitment over a long period of time.

Rate hyaffiliates.com
User Ratings
4.8 (5 votes)
Alexa Traffic Rank: 449,813
Minimum Payout:$100
Referral Commission:Up to 5%
Commission Type:CPA, RevShare, Lot Rebate
Payment Frequency:Monthly
Payment Method:Skrill, WebMoney, Trading Account, Wire Transfer
Tracking Software: Etrass
This is what it says on website:
Unlike forex only programs, HY Affiliates provides access to all major financial markets. These exciting markets include forex, metals such as gold and silver, equities/stocks, oil and gas, and commodities, making HY Affiliates Program the most diverse financial markets affiliate program on the market. Today online financial markets such as forex, and equity/stocks, and commodities are one of the most highly transacted products on the Internet with millions of investors and participants. They include banks, brokers, traders and private individuals from all over the world. Get into the action NOW and receive consistent cash earnings.

There are hundreds of Affiliate Network Marketing sites available. If you want to know the most recommended affiliate networks by our users, check Top Affiliate Networks.

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  1. Rene Bartoletti says:

    Recently I decided to increase my finances. I trade with the broker HYCM and therefore I thought it would be nice to do it right here. The broker offers an affiliate program. I decided that this is a great idea because I just need to tell my friends about the broker and after their registration, take my bonuses. This is all well and good, but I ran into some difficulties. Not all people I know understand trading and not everyone believes it. Someone thinks that I’m trying to drag him into some kind of scam.
    I need to try to give people the right perception of Forex trading and the benefits of a HYCM broker.

  2. Mario Gislason says:

    Giaan Pingle says: “HYCM is a powerful brokerage with attractive conditions for traders and affiliates. I started trading myself initially, and signed the affiliate agreement not so long ago. The CPA commission plan is what I target as I need to grow my budget and enlarge marketing efforts to attract more clients and earn more commissions. Can someone share ideas on marketing strategy steps with a limited budget?” –

    I would consider creating a blog and post trading ideas and market analysis there. Many beginner traders need support from experienced colleagues and in this way, you could attract many of them. Besides, HY affiliates platform has dozens of good-looking and ready-to-use banners and creatives so you will be able to place them on your blog easily. Try also to dig deeper in social media, they are full of people interested in trading forex and cfds.

  3. Mario Gislason says:

    Giaan Pingle says: “HYCM is a powerful brokerage with attractive conditions for traders and affiliates. I started trading myself initially, and signed the affiliate agreement not so long ago. The CPA commission plan is what I target as I need to grow my budget and enlarge marketing efforts to attract more clients and earn more commissions. Can someone share ideas on marketing strategy steps with a limited budget?”

  4. Mario Gislason says:

    Giaan Pingle says: “HYCM is a powerful brokerage with attractive conditions for traders and affiliates. I started trading myself initially, and signed the affiliate agreement not so long ago. The CPA commission plan is what I target as I need to grow my budget and enlarge marketing efforts to attract more clients and earn more commissions. Can someone share ideas on marketing strategy steps with a limited budget?”

  5. Vice Bross says:

    The HYCM broker affiliate program is a great way to make money. I seriously really like the fact that I can trade different assets and, besides that, tell people about this broker, write HYCM reviews describing their trade, and people will come here and also make money.
    HY affiliate is an opportunity to be happy twice:
    1) you give people the opportunity to gain financial independence;
    2) You get bonuses after people open HYCM accounts based on your recommendation.

  6. Timo Salo says:

    One of the advantages of trading in the financial market is the ability to make money in different ways. The HYCM broker also has this advantage. For example, there is a great partner program here. You can make money if your friend also trades with this broker.

  7. Helder Correia says:

    I’m glad I found this broker. HYCM has many attractive conditions and advantages for traders. One of them is related to the HY affiliate program that offers an alternative way of making money by referring to other traders. I like the platform as it’s full of marketing materials. The support team is always ready to help me build a marketing strategy as well as to support me in important details.

  8. David Winkler says:

    I know that many traders want multiple sources of money. For example, many brokers offer bonuses. HYCM broker offers to receive bonuses from the trading volume of your friends. This is a great affiliate program!

  9. Giaan Pingle says:

    HYCM is a powerful brokerage with attractive conditions for traders and affiliates. I started trading myself initially, and signed the affiliate agreement not so long ago. The CPA commission plan is what I target as I need to grow my budget and enlarge marketing efforts to attract more clients and earn more commissions. Can someone share ideas on marketing strategy steps with a limited budget?

  10. Louis Denis says:

    I am very ashamed to admit it, but I just recently talked about the affiliate program of the HYCM broker. I’ve been trading here for a long time and really learned how to make money. As I learned later, you can have extra money. To do this, you need to invite a friend to trade here and have bonuses from the friend’s trade volume and his commission. I think that’s great.
    It is also a great chance to find the same HY affiliates partners and have a bonus of 5% of their earnings

  11. Fred Unruh says:

    “Can I use HY marketing materials for direct advertisement in social media?”

    I’m not quite sure if you can do that. I would recommend you to contact HY affiliates and ask that question, I’m sure they will help you. Besides, it’s important to read the affiliate agreement carefully as it contains all of the terms and conditions. I personally use a different way of getting leads. I invite people on my blog where I place HYCM ads from the HY affiliate platform. There are so many of them, highlighting several broker’s strong points in different languages.

  12. Cassio Moretti says:

    I focus on beginner traders when I promote the HYCM brokerage. The HY affiliate program offers high payouts for every depositor I refer. The brokerage itself has quite an attractive offer when it comes to educational support. On top of that, the broker’s reputation is strong in many countries. HY affiliate portal has dozens of creatives for flexible marketing campaigns.

  13. Sutton says:

    The HYCM brokerage has quite an attractive affiliate program with commissions above the market average. This is a great source of additional or even primary income for people involved in FX trading. The affiliate platform has all of the functions necessary for profitable activity in the field of affiliate marketing.

  14. Celeus says:

    The HY affiliate portal allows you to get the full range of statistical data about the leads and customers you refer to, as well as the efficiency of your marketing campaigns. You may find the conversion ratio of your leads, filter it by geography or divide it by campaigns. Every lead clicking your referral link will be mentioned in the reports, and you can see how many of them have registered with the HYCM brokerage, how many made the deposit and so on. If you have a revenue share or lot rebate commission structure, you will also see the trading volume of each of your referrals.

  15. Oedipus says:

    Many HY affiliates reviews that I read point out several strengths of the partnership program. I can agree with the attractive payout structure as the CPA commission is well above the industry average. The amount of $1000 per one depositor is a great motivational factor to start working as an HYCM partner. However, it’s related to developed countries only (tier 1), while other geos might provide lower payouts. Besides, getting leads from tier 1 countries is more expensive in terms of marketing budgets. Here comes another powerful tool provided by HY affiliates free of charge – marketing materials. I found them very professional in the scope of different angles of view, variable triggers to attract attention of the audience, multiple languages and eye-catching look. It’s understood that those banners and landing pages were made by marketing pros, taking into account previous performance and conversion rates.
    But the most useful feature of HY affiliates portal is in the level of support that I can get as a partner. It starts with the consulting by my personal affiliate manager and continues with the live chat on the website. Getting quick answers helps improve the overall performance and thus increases profits.

  16. Tadeusz says:

    Can I use HY marketing materials for direct advertisement in social media?

  17. Hartwig says:

    It’s not easy to find a job now since many businesses closed during the pandemic. And I’m glad that my skills in marketing came in handy in HY Affiliates. This is an affiliate program that promotes the broker HYCM.
    It allows you to earn even in times of crisis. Since the interest in the financial markets among the population is constantly growing. I’m glad that I found this affiliate program with favorable conditions.

  18. Samuel Velazquez says:

    I really like the large number of creatives in HY Affiliates. It allows you to choose the right one for any advertising campaign. Whether it’s a website campaign or a social media campaign.
    Another significant advantage of HY Affiliates is that you can choose several commission types at once and alternate them in different advertising campaigns.
    The only thing I’m wondering is, is it possible to track the success of your referral? Is there such a report in HY Affiliates?

  19. Rudolf Rieger says:

    For anyone interested in affiliate marketing, let me tell you about my experience with this affiliate program. However, there are many other useful HY Affiliates reviews. The company offers very favorable conditions on commissions. And we all understand that the size of payments is the first thing that matters.
    But of course, this is not the only advantage to which I would like to pay attention. Because, for example, without a proper accounting system, it wouldn’t make any difference. And as it is, HY Affiliates has a very well-thought-out reporting system. There is a lot of data in the Personal Area to analyze your activities.
    And thanks to the excellent reputation of the broker, it is easier to earn money in an affiliate program in the first month of work. The important thing is that there are many creative ways to communicate the value of the broker to potential clients.
    Well, if you have any questions in the process, a personal manager helps you solve them. This is a significant point because, in the beginning, the questions will arise anyway. And just to understand, the accruals at the end of the month will also not be excessive.

  20. Idar says:

    I wanted to find a broker who would provide different ways to make money. I paid attention to HYCM because it has a great affiliate program. You can get different rewards for attracting new clients for a broker. For example, if you bring a friend, you will receive money on your affiliate account. It all depends on his deposit. You can also receive money for the trading volume of a new client and also payment for the amount of commission that your friend will pay to the broker.

  21. Kevin Hendriks says:

    The maximum payout in HY Affiliates is $1,000 in a single payment. This is the payout under the terms of the CPA model. To receive it, you must meet several conditions. The main ones are to attract clients from the UAE, UK, Kuwait, or Singapore. Well, the payment will also depend on the size of their deposit. The larger it is, the better.

  22. Zacharie Boucher says:

    My HY Affiliates review will be short. I like everything here except that like everywhere else, there is a long transaction cycle. That is, people are in no hurry to invest their money. But everything else is good. The commissions are very high.

  23. Yago Tijerina says:

    How many clients do I need to attract per month to get a reward in HY Affiliates?

  24. Allan Falk says:

    Who among us wouldn’t want to do what we love? And moreover, do it without being distracted by trivialities? Thanks to HY Affiliates reviews, I finally found such an opportunity. But I want to note that it’s not easy. If anyone thinks that you can make money doing nothing at all, then no, it does not happen.
    Anyway, no matter what I was doing, I still had to work hard to reach a normal income level. There are no exceptions in this regard in HY Affiliates. It’s just that you only do marketing, and you do it diligently.
    So you can read many HY Affiliates reviews. I won’t repeat them. It has already been saying for a long time. Indeed, the company has a convenient referral accounting system. Nothing is lost there, which is a significant advantage. After all, if there is a problem with accounting, then some of your work will just go to waste. And I had read many times about such cases in other programs when leads were lost, and nothing could be earned. So there is nothing wrong with it in HY Affiliates.

  25. Yakubu Onyinyechukwu says:

    In HY Affiliates, for me, everything became clear immediately after I went to my Personal Account. Although it is quite multifunctional, the navigation is organized so that you immediately understand where and what to look for.
    The only hitch was with the search for creatives. I could not understand where those banners were, about the quality of which there were so many reviews.
    But it’s good that HY Affiliates provides a personal manager. He told me that you just need to create the first advertising campaign for the banners to become available. And I had no more difficulties with the platform.

  26. Bjorn Doornhem says:


    The HY Affiliates shows real-time data. So you can effectively track the progress of your advertising campaigns, regardless of when you launch them. This allows you to quickly assess the effectiveness of your actions.

  27. Charles Petitjean says:

    There are three main things I like about hy affiliates reviews. The first is the broker itself. HYCM is multi-regulated, and it offers a small minimum deposit. So it is more likely to attract clients. That’s what a partner needs to get money in the affiliate program. And you can read the same in many other hy affiliates reviews.
    Why is it important? The presence of a broker’s license tells about its honesty and reliable approach to trading. A licensed broker pays out the money as well as executes trades based on the client’s benefit. But to obtain the license of the world-known bodies, the broker must try hard and earn a certain reputation. And your referrals will also have all these reflections. So if they see that the broker is multi-regulated, they are more willing to make a deposit. Furthermore you, respectively, will receive a commission for this.
    And here we come to the second important point. I like hy affiliates for the size of the commissions. So on the CPA model here, you can earn up to $ 1000. And the Rev-Share model makes it possible to earn $10 per lot on average.
    Finally, the third thing I like in hy affiliates is the platform. It is very convenient and allows you to take into account all the necessary details. But the number of creatives recently decreased. Although I didn’t see hy affiliates reviews about this fact yet. However, a few creatives don’t make me happy.

  28. Marcel Benoit says:

    What is the maximum payout you can actually get in HY Affiliates?

  29. Mateo Caldera says:

    How can I describe HY Affiliates? I would say it’s a comprehensive program that includes everything you need for affiliate marketing. There are great marketing tools and creatives. It is also possible to track the actions of referrals in the statistics tab. In other words, the affiliate program has everything you need to create advertising campaigns, track the results and optimize them.

  30. Inkask says:

    I’m not new to affiliate marketing. So I immediately realized that in HY Affiliates, everything is arranged at the highest level.
    Usually, beginners evaluate, firstly, the frequency of payments. According to the principle, if you can withdraw every day, you can immediately invest everything in your resource development. This is an erroneous belief. I think it’s important to predict your profits for months and track progress in the Personal Account. So I like the fact that all payments in HY Affiliates process once a month. This disciplines and helps to control the cash flow better.
    And I also want to note that working with an audience is an area for experimentation. Here it is essential to accurate analytics and operational adjustments to improve profitability. HY Affiliates has all of this. The affiliate program offers excellent marketing tools.

  31. Hubert says:

    How quickly does HY Affiliates update data in the Personal Account? Can I see up-to-date statistics?

  32. Pranay says:

    What would I recommend you pay attention to in HY Affiliates? The first is the size of the commission for different payment models. So if you choose a CPA model, you can get from $500 to $100 for one client, depending on the country. But this method is suitable if you attract mostly newcomers. So, it is more profitable to work with more experienced traders with the Rev-Share model. There is a simple reason for this. In the Rev-Share model, you receive payments all the time. And since experienced traders tend to trade a lot and for a long time, you’ll have a constant passive income source. But you can’t achieve that with the CPA model. To earn income, you need to attract new clients and nothing else.
    So think about the audience you are working with. And choose the type of commission with this factor in mind.
    What else does a partner need to know before cooperating with HY Affiliates? I would also recommend paying attention to payments. Someone may say that this is a disadvantage. But in my case, it is rather a plus. Because if the money comes too often, I just don’t know what I’m spending it on. I don’t feel it.

  33. Markus says:

    Well, in HY Affiliates, there are really not many alternatives from which to choose. In my account, it’s said that I can order a wire transfer, withdraw money using Skrill, Neteller, or credit to my trader account in HYCM. I know that many of my colleagues prefer the latter option. It is a good help for those who trade and do affiliate marketing in parallel.
    But I still prefer Skrill. With this method, I can get money quickly. There are not crazy high fees for withdrawal. And somehow it is more convenient for me to use it. But I do not know which method will suit you best.

  34. ThiefGarr says:

    The good thing about hy affiliates is that you can ask for help at any time from a qualified personal manager. It’s not like you’re on your own and don’t know what to do next. In hy affiliates you will always be supported, helped, and guided on the right path. And this help will be adequate and essential.
    I know what I’m talking about, as I came to hy affiliates as a newcomer. It was difficult for me to understand what is required for me to begin contacting referrals. Yes, I had a website, but I did not understand how to convert the visitors into clients of the company.
    It was nice to be able to ask questions about everything. I was told how to pick up creatives. By the way, they are of very high quality. But this I already understood later, when I communicated with partners of other programs. I was also explained how to analyze my statistics in my account. Well, at the end of the month, I could always apply to calculate my earnings.
    I thanked my personal manager for her help, education, and what I had to do. This was very helpful to me!

  35. Looter says:

    How do you usually receive payments in HY Affiliates?