Hubspot CRM platform review, hubspot-com advantages and disadvantages

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Hubspot is a multifunctional customer database management system that solves a whole range of marketing tasks. This development is characterized by ease of use and a large number of integrated functions. Numerous reviews from real customers indicate that Hubspot-com can rightfully be considered one of the most sophisticated solutions for customer database management and communications.

The platform provides several tariff plans. Prices are presented in major world currencies, which indicates the international orientation of the system. You can pay for the company’s services by credit card in dollars, euros, pounds, yen, Australian dollars, Singapore dollars and Colombian pesos.


Hubspot is perhaps one of the most functional solutions on the market. The list of basic features includes:

  • Maintaining, storing and processing a contacts database of contacts, deals and organizations with an indication of changes, calls, sent messages, meetings, notes and other activities;
  • Tracking for each contact of sources and entry points to the target site (adapted for all popular CMS);
  • Organization of correspondence with clients with scheduling calls and meetings directly through the website;
  • Design and placement of pop-up windows and forms to collect contact and other customer data;
  • Integration of online chat while maintaining correspondence with clients;
  • Organization of communication through the general Email ([email protected] or [email protected]);
  • Acceptance and processing of tickets on the site, via chat or manually adding.

A key feature of Hubspot is its high system integration with other software products, including Facebook Ads, Mailchimp, Shopify and many others. Open APIs make it possible to integrate your own developments yourself.

The offered functionality suits a wide range of clients. The product will be interesting for:

  • B2B companies;
  • Online service developers, fintech companies and IT representatives;
  • Large online and offline retailers;
  • Other clients interested in customized CRM solutions.

Service benefits

Among the strengths of Hubspot, experts point out:

  1. Convenient interface. The Hubspot control panel has been thought out to the smallest detail to ensure maximum comfort while working. High usability is confirmed by many clients, including large companies that have been working with this product for several years.
  2. Client activity monitoring. You can install a tracking code on your website so that the system records all of your customers’ actions, forming a detailed behavioral database. You can see all visited pages, completed forms, entry points, sources and other visitor data.
  3. Online chat. Hubspot makes it possible to place a full-fledged chat on a website, where you can directly communicate on the web, using an application or Slack.
  4. Email integration. Directly from your office, you can organize mailing with contacts from your list. The system integrates with popular email providers such as Gmail and Outlook.
  5. Integration with calendars. This option is especially useful for streamlining the work of sales managers. Your clients can book appointments through the website, and this data will instantly be displayed in the scheduler of respective admins. There is also a convenient form for choosing the best time for a meeting or call. Also, when working with Zoom, the client is automatically sent a link to the session.
  6. Deep customization. The service provides a lot of opportunities for customizing a marketing campaign and its individual components.

You can test all the functionality of the platform in the trial version. After you find out more about the capabilities of this platform, you can purchase a subscription to one of the tariff plans below.

Tariff plans

The company offers three tariff plans, which can be paid monthly or immediately for a year. The terms are presented below.

Starter (from 1.000 contacts)

  • Price (if paid for a year): $ 45 per month;
  • Price (billed monthly): $ 50 per month;
  • Landing pages;
  • Advertising management;
  • Live chat;
  • Conversational bots;
  • Forms;
  • Website activity monitoring;
  • Contact list segmentation;
  • Monitoring a mail status;
  • Advertising mailing and retargeting;
  • Follow-up emails.

Professional (from 2.000 contacts)

  • Price (if paid for a year): $ 800 per month;
  • Price (billed monthly): $ 890 per month;
  • Marketing automation;
  • Multilingual content;
  • Smart content and reporting;
  • Contacts and company valuation;
  • Blog;
  • SEO recommendations;
  • Social media;
  • ABM tools;
  • A / B testing;
  • Ads optimization;
  • Video hosting;
  • Traffic analytics;
  • Integration with Salesforce;
  • Calculated properties;
  • Campaign reporting;
  • Custom reporting.

Enterprise (from 10.000 contacts)

  • Price: $ 3200 per month;
  • Single sign-on;
  • Partitioning;
  • Hierarchical teams;
  • Field level permissions;
  • User roles;
  • Email send frequency cap;
  • Custom objects;
  • Synchronizing Salesforce custom objects;
  • Adaptive testing;
  • Income attribution through multitouch;
  • Behavioral triggers and reports;
  • Predictive lead count.

A free tariff plan is also provided. It includes:

  • Marketing tools (forms, email marketing, ad management, landing pages, inbound conversations);
  • Sales tools (live chat, chat bots, admin team Email, quotes, calls);
  • Service tools (billing, live chat, Email scheduling, incoming conversations);
  • Work tools (data sync, historical sync, default field mappings, App Marketplace integration, contact management).


Hubspot is a powerful tool that automates most of the operational processes and ensures effective communication with the target audience. The company provides many opportunities for working with mailing lists, analyzing customer behavior, integrating with third-party services, etc. You can test the functionality of Hubspot-com right now by registering and using the free version of the software product.

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