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hourinstant.biz is a high yield investment program or HYIP that offers 1.08% – 1.5% hourly for 96 hours as minimal profit for investment. HYIP is an online investment program that typically offers very high returns on the capital invested.

Investment Plans: 1.08% – 1.5% hourly for 96 hours,5.0% – 8.0% hourly for 48 hours,18% – 25% hourly for 24 hours

Minimum Deposit: $5.00

Referral Commission: 0.5%

Payouts: Manual

This is what it says on hourinstant.biz website:

HOUR INSTANT LIMITED is an online investment company with a well-organized group of successful traders in the Crypto world using the modern robotics system to achieve a quick result and maximize profits with minimal loss,Company No.12498863.