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Their servers are placed in next locations: Chicago, Sofia, Sydney. 100% of user reviews who used HOSTTEE are positive.

Experience in hosting and web applications !

We have the necessary know-how and technical equipment to provide competitive solutions for all global network users, and with the rapid development of modern technologies in recent decades, we have been able to use the latest of these technologies through a strategy that depends not only on the quality of service but also on the appropriate immediate support to our customers. We are one of the fastest and most reliable sites through a distinguished support team and extensive experience that will help you build your business and maintain your presence on the Internet.

One account for every different business

Do not try to exert yourself in searching for a hosting that does not meet your needs to make your site faster in loading and therefore it will be an advantage for your visitors and the reason for the increase in the spread of the site in the search

Free automatic installation of programs inside the hosting control panel helps you to install a set of applications to create your site, there are more than 250 programs, the installation is just by pressing one button

Certainly distinguished technical support from specialized engineers around the clock 7/24 makes our clients highly confident and permanent safety that there is a team that helps them support them to solve problems

Hosttee  seeks to continuously improve in providing better quality hosting services in addition to developing competitiveness, maintaining loyal customers and enhancing its position in the Internet services market. You may not believe it, but the vast majority of major companies in the field of web hosting usually do not invest much in developing new technologies and instead they rely on third-party solutions in software and moreover do not focus on developing the broad base of hosting users. In the sense of customer support to be the nucleus and the basic pillar for the development of hosting in a way that ensures the development of business performance for customers, so we are trying hard to move forward in this way.

SERVER LOCATIONS: Chicago , Sofia , Sydney

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