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HostKnox is United States-based hosting company. They offer the following services: Shared Hosting. Their servers are placed in United States.

Web hosting worthy of you
Innovative and professional web hosting that will delight you
-24/7 expert technical support
-State-of-the-art technology
-50-day money-back guarantee
We are so certain that our excellent service will meet your expectations that we will refund your order if you are not happy!

Top-notch customer service
A helpful and experienced team that will amaze you
-New site? We’ll install your chosen web application
-Moving? We’ll move your website to our servers
-Worried? We’ll do a security audit of your website
We will take the hassle away and we will get your website up and running on our servers for you. And the best part? We’ll do it for free!

Rock-solid technology
Fast, secure, and reliable service that will impress you
-Highly trained and experienced team
-Stable high-performance infrastructure
-State-of-the-art control panel
We have a state-of-the art control panel developed specifically to provide the best possible experience. One that you won’t find elsewhere!

Easy Setup
We will save you the hassle and we will install and configure any web application you want to use. For free!

Easy Move
We will transfer your website intact from your previous host to our servers, re-configuring it as necessary. For free!

We will scan your website for security vulnerabilities, and we will upgrade and secure it as best we can. For free!

Our team has decades of combined experience, and we don’t mind sharing it. Ask us any questions you may have!


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