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Alexa Traffic Rank: 555,333 is Chile-based hosting company. They offer the following services: Shared Hosting, VPS, Dedicated Server, SSL. Their servers are placed in Santiago.

The advantages of Hosting that nobody else offers
We put all our effort to give the best After Sales service in the market 24 hours a day

Friendly and competent team
We have more than 40 collaborators 100% committed to helping you, giving you a good service and the best assistance.

Real support 24x7x365
Only offers a support service available for your requests at all times, through the Telephone, Chat System and Attention Ticket.

Maximum speed
Our Datacenter has 10 Gbps links nationwide and a total of 1 Gbps international in 3 links delivered by different providers.

Open door policy
Unlike other companies, the photos of facilities, servers and datacenter are 100% real. Visit us and know our offices.

A Premium Webhosting service experience

Many companies only cover the minimum needs in their service saving in every possible way and offering the cheapest price. In we have put the quality of the service above all. In our datacenter we use the best servers and software on the market, we deliver the greatest amount of resources and above all, we take special care to have the best group of professionals at your fingertips.

Support does matter

Technology does not solve everything. Sometimes you need the guidance of others when solving problems and at we take support to another level with a team prepared and willing to solve every problem. This value differentiates us and is present in the work with each collaborator, that is why our reputation as premium webhosting continues to grow.


Internet has changed a lot since our first hosting service in 1999, so we have been attentive to put all the technology, equipment and datacenter at your disposal. Today we address the complexities of services in the Cloud, exploring ways that allow us to unleash the maximum potential of the services we deliver.

Ecommerce as it should be

The future is now and online sales are here to stay. Our Ecommerce webhosting platform guarantees all the stability and security that any online store needs.
20 years of experience, our own datacenter and the best service allow us to eliminate complications, offer you a wide spectrum of solutions and provide you with a premium experience.

Internet presence

If you don’t have a website, do you exist?¬†Today, your presence in the digital world is everything.¬†It is the great proof that your project is serious.¬†The more reliable, smart and fast your site is, the more solid your brand will be seen.¬†And in this it helps a lot if your webhosting is too.
We assure you that your presence on the Internet will help you to deliver an unforgettable first impression.


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