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Alexa Traffic Rank: 758,452 is United States-based hosting company. They offer the following services: Shared Hosting, VPS, Dedicated Server, Resellers. Their servers are placed in next locations: Salt Lake City, Amsterdam. 100% of user reviews who used are positive.

Hosting Marketers is the Premier Host in the USA For RTMP Server
Hosting Marketers has been on the forefront of RTMP servers, FFmpeg video hosting and shared web hosting with Red5 for video chats since 2005.

From Shared CPANEL hosting with FFmpeg, Red5, Python to RTMP Servers to Enterprise Dedicated Servers.

Shared CPANEL Hosting with Red5, FFmpeg and Python
Speed, Reliability, Latest Technology and Excellent Customer Support

RED5 Hosting
Hosting Marketers has been providing Red5 hosting on all our servers since 2005, few Hosts have more experience than Red5 than us, we were the first web host offering Red5 on shared servers at an affordable price.

Python Hosting
Python is the Future. As of now Python is among the top 5 programing languages in the world. Start now preparing for your future with our  python hosting.

With FFmpeg you create beautiful sites with the option to upload videos, allowing desktop or mobile users to enjoy the Youtube experience

Hosting Marketers was initially founded in November of 1999. We are a web hosting company based in the United States of America. Hosting Marketers offers a complete suite of professional services, with not only web site hosting, but also offering domain name registration, and live streaming, video chat and RTMP servers. Hosting Marketers is a privately owned company with no outstanding debts or liabilities up to this date.

The Hosting Marketers team is made up of more-than-qualified professionals who are devoted to their work. Our team has diverse backgrounds, which creates a dynamite mix of high-quality web hosting and live streaming media experts dedicated to providing our clients with what we feel is one of the best products in the web hosting industry today. Realizing that we have a team of highly-qualified and devoted professionals that have created this incredible and unique service, is not good enough. This is only a small part of our job description. We also take care of our customers concerns and their other requests for support. This means we offer a prompt and reliable customer support team that is available around the clock, 365 days a year. If our clients have an issue or need assistance, the customer support staff will quickly and efficiently respond to your matter, normally within 15-30 minutes after the request for support has been received.

SERVER LOCATIONS: Salt Lake City , Amsterdam

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