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HostGalaxy is United States-based hosting company. They offer the following services: Cloud Hosting. Their servers are placed in Phoenix.

With the speed of SSD Servers, Reliability of Cloud Hosting, and our 24/7 Support Rangers – you’re guaranteed for mission success.

Dedicated Support Rangers
Waiting costs money, and unresolved issues that span days can be even more costly. We value your time and know that great customer support can make the difference between success, and failure.

That’s why we’ve invested in hiring top candidates based here in the USA to provide 24/7 support. We’ll work to resolve the issue in as few responses possible so you can get back to growing your business.

Auto-Scaling, Load Balancing and Failover
Simply put, our cloud will grow with your business and not for your business. This means you’ll never have to move to a larger cloud, or a larger server to suit your growing needs.

Furthermore we can enable load-balancing should your website get popular on Reddit. Additionally, the multitude of switches, carriers, and servers work in unison to provide a level of failover redundancy typicall unheard of. All this, allows us to offer our service with a 99.99% Uptime SLA

On-Demand SSD Servers
We know getting up and going is important to you – so it’s important to us too. That’s why we’ve invested more money than your typical provider with high-end SSD Drives.

This means your server is provisioned in just minutes, and your website and applications can process data much quicker. Our SSD controllers can read and write content to the server in burst speeds up to 550MB/s.

Higher Search Engine Ranking With our Rocket Speed Recipe
People do not like to wait for websites to load anymore. Google has proven if they have to wait more than 4 seconds they will hit the back button and never return. For this reason Google has made faster loading sites get higher search engine rankings which is why our cloud hosting is so awesome!

This is why we have invested in things like LiteSpeed servers. We have seen sites we host load 10x quicker than the old school apache servers that most hosts put you on. This along with SSDs, Cloudflare, Railgun and Automated SSL we have set our customers up for Mission Success when it comes to better rankings in Google! See how we are getting as low as 242ms load times.

No Price Gimmics
The price you see on the site here is the price you will pay forever. We are never going to raise the price on your plan. This is a common tactic for some of the major hosting companies to lure you in at a low price and not tell you what the real monthly cost is afterwards.

Hostgator for example claims they have regular old scool apache web hosting for $2.75/mo. But what they don’t tell you is that’s only if you sign up for 3 years and pay for those three years in advance. Their real price is $11/mo if you want to pay monthly. And that is for their super slow servers that take several seconds to load (not even cloud hosting or milisecond loading). They have no SSDs or any of the features we have here for $5/mo.

HostGalaxy Network & Servers
We chose OnApp to serve as our platform of choice due to it’s unfeathered reliability and auto-scaling capabilities. Not only is deployment of your individual VM crazy fast, but with our custom l oad balancing and networking you’ll be up and running quickly with no need to move your site as it grows.

SSD Platform
Speed was a necessity when launching our cloud platform, so we spared no expense but purchasing the most reliable SSD NAS platform with a controller that supports speeds up to 550MB/s. Drive space may be a bit of a premium, but in turn you’ll be hosting on one of the fastest cloud platforms on the internet today.

Did we mention redundancy? At the core of our product is an unparallel leve of redundancy from the network, servers, and software itself.

Your website means a lot to you, so it’s time we start treating it like that. We run on redundant power, fiber, switches, servers and networks.
Enterprise-Level Datacenter
Our datacenter is not only a T3 facility, but also SAS70 Type II Certified. This means that you can trust us to host mission critical data and enterprise level applications.

We take security, reliability and speed seriously here at HostGalaxy, so you can sleep at night knowing your data is safe within our facility.


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