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Hostex is Lithuania-based hosting company. They offer the following services: Shared Hosting, Cloud Hosting, SSL. Their servers are placed in Vilnius.

Trusted network
Network traffic is unrestricted and free of charge, the servers operate in the widest and strongest Telia network.

A mail verification system that prevents the sending of fake emails and electronic spam (SPAM).

 WordPress® Management Toolkit
The WordPress® toolkit, the most popular website content management system, simplifies system implementation, provides the ability to conveniently monitor the security status of a website and easily manage design themes and plug-ins.

 HTTPS and SSL certificates
Let’s Encrypt ® domain SSL certificate installation tools allow you to instantly install a free domain certificate and HTTPS security. It is also possible to additionally order the company’s SSL certificate from 99.99 € per year.

Websites are periodically checked for viruses and malicious code.

Anti-SPAM e-mail
SMTP protocol level protection against e-mail is installed. Spam does not require changes to DNS or MX records. It works automatically, protecting all email. mailboxes and domains. It also provides all the tools you need to email. spam statistics, analysis and management.

We will protect your business by providing it with protection that meets international standards, by creating backup copies of the website and data, encrypted information and providing a highly secure remote connection.


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