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Hostenko is Ukraine-based hosting company. They offer the following services: Shared Hosting, SSL. Their servers are placed in Ukraine.

Hostenko – Dedicated hosting WordPress sites Wizard

Optimized WordPress Hosting
Our servers are configured to work perfectly with WordPress; this makes Hostenko the best choice for hosting your website.

A 14-day trial period will allow you to make sure of the quality of the service absolutely free of charge!

Why Hostenko?
Free transfer
Already have your WordPress site, but is it hosted on a different host? We will transfer it to Hostenko for free if you paid for any of our hosting plans.

Free SSL
If you are a Hostenko user, you have the option to add a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate for free within 1 minute by clicking just one button.
No need to worry about renewing your SSL certificate. The update will take place automatically thanks to our system “Automatic renewal of certificates”

Comfortable transition
Order the “Free Transfer” service of your WordPress site to our hosting, pay for any of our hosting packages, and we will add the rest of your current hosting period to the tariff paid with us!

affiliate program
Use the opportunity to make easy money by attracting clients to our system. The commission is 25% from the first and 10% from all subsequent payments in the Hostenko system

WordPress freelancers
If you have any difficulties in creating a website, our freelance partners are always happy to help you cope with any difficult situation.

WordPress training
On our WPcafe training resource, there are about 1000 lessons on creating WordPress sites, which are suitable for beginners and “dummies” as well as experienced webmasters. We have categorized all lessons. Each category starts with video tutorials, followed by articles with step-by-step instructions, a guide with screenshots and reviews.

30 days backup for free
Free Backup sites on Hostenko for the last 30 days. To restore your site from a backup, simply select a date and confirm your consent to restore.

Access to the site for the developer
Using this function, you can provide access to the full management of your site to a third party, for example, a developer or freelancer, without providing access to your Hostenko account. This will protect you from possible loss of control over your account.

Site security
Each site in your account is isolated from other sites. In case of problems (for example, hacking) with one of the sites, this will not affect the performance of other sites

Technical support
Technical support is happy to answer customer questions in understandable language

SSD drives
We exclusively use high-speed SSD drives on all of our hosting servers. This allows you to achieve the fastest possible work of your WordPress site.


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