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HostDime is Colombia-based hosting company. They offer the following services: Shared Hosting, VPS, Dedicated Server, SSL. Their servers are placed in Colombia.

Dedicated Servers

High performance
Optimal for critical solutions with large amounts of memory, high bandwidth speed, and high throughput.

Virtual servers  

Fully Redundant
Virtual Private Server 99.99% online, with activation in minutes, the ideal solution to improve your presence on the web.

Business Colocation

Locate your technological infrastructure in a Certified and first level DataCenter; now in your power with a single click.

HostDime Datacenters

17 Years in the Industry
We have built and managed our own DataCenters since our inception in 2002 over 10,000 satisfied customers.

Deploy your servers and infrastructure on HostDime, and enjoy the results!

With HostDime you have thousands of advantages, among them, that you can host your technological infrastructure in any of our 11 data centers worldwide and now in COLOMBIA, you can have all the web hosting options, with the quality and effective performance of HostDime; For this we have had 3 certified Data Centers in Bogotá, Cali and Barranquilla, always counting on high quality standards, providing stability, reliability and a high level of technical service and uptime.

All our Servers include and support

5 IP (bloque / 29)

Having up to 5 IPs allows us to use them not only for the server but also in other complementary services.

Remote access to your server

IPMI (Intelligent Platform Management Interface) this means that you do not have to be physically on your server, instead you can operate it from your home or office.

Network and Power 100% redundant

We have a backup system to ensure that your information is fully operational at all times.

Solid state drives

A solid state drive or SSD (acronym in English for solid-state drive) operates at high speed, allowing great performance and performance to your applications thanks to its flash memory, to store data, instead of the magnetic turntables found in conventional hard drives. Compared to traditional hard drives, solid state drives are less sensitive to shock, are virtually inaudible, and have lower access time and latency. SSDs use the same interface as hard drives so they are easily interchangeable without having to resort to adapters or expansion cards to make them compatible with the computer.
Hard drives have changed with the innovation of technology, among these you will find the following: SAS, SATA 2, SATA 3 And finally and more efficient in all its functions the SSD that we are talking about today.


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