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HostArmada is United States-based hosting company. They offer the following services: Shared Hosting, VPS, Dedicated Server. Their servers are placed in next locations: Fremont, Dallas, Singapore, Sydney, Newark, Toronto, London, Frankfurt am Main, Mumbai. 100% of user reviews who used HostArmada are positive.

Everything your website will ever need!

Lighting Speed
Every Web Hosting Service that we offer is methodically optimized to deliver optimal website loading speed, improving the bounce rate of our customers’ websites!

Reliable Security
Thick layers of Security Firewalls and environment enhancements are set to protect the websites and web resources of our customers!

24×7 Technical Support
Every support request is handled by highly experienced technical geeks with unrivaled response time and problem resolution cravings!

Why choose HostArmada for your projects?

Stable, up to date technology maintains a reliable web hosting environment!
Our infrastructure is utilizing the best in class hardware components! Combined with the endless desire to improve and innovate, we are constantly bringing new or improving already established features. This allows us to maintain optimal customer satisfaction and always be one step ahead of our competitors!

The Stack makes your website rock!
Tested across thousands of servers, the technology stack we are utilizing is the choice of many when it comes to a fast, secured, and stable web hosting platform! We maintain up to date versions of all our technologies, and we leave nothing to chance!

Security that actually works in favor of our clients and their’ websites!
Multiple layers of security firewalls ensure the safety of our entire web hosting environment. Thanks to the innovations in the AI field, our security services will adapt to every type of malicious attack! From Opensource applications to custom scripts, we are confident that your websites will remain safe with us!

SERVER LOCATIONS: Fremont  ,Dallas , Singapore,  Sydney , Newark , Toronto , London , Frankfurt am Main , Mumbai

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