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Host4site is Israel-based hosting company. They offer the following services: Shared Hosting. Their servers are placed in Israel.

Host4site Web Hosting began its operations in 2007 in order to provide a quality solution for website owners and especially website builders in Israel. We have chosen to use the best hardware and software on the market to work with web servers to provide our customers with the best browsing experience that the hosting field can offer. Our whole business is to always improve the server, security and service systems. When it comes to your sites do not compromise they deserve the best.
We at Host4site place an emphasis on the issue of service and availability to the customer and our representatives are available 24 hours a day by phone or through the calling system to assist you. We understand that customer needs and technology change frequently and accordingly also the requirements of hardware, software and service. It is important for us to meet the customer’s needs so we will always try to find the right solution.

Host4site – the choice of professionals
Specialize in web hosting, hosting and server management in particular and in the field of computing and the Internet in general.

The Host 4Site team are professionals with over 15 years of experience in the field of the Internet, server management and maintenance and have a particularly high sense of service.

Physical infrastructure
Servers with 8 to 24 cores as well as dual power and Internet feeds, SAS disks in RAID arrays to ensure the survival of the servers’ hard drives. Leads to trouble-free storage.
Host4site is an authorized service provider of the American giant VMware, which has revolutionized the field of virtualization and cloud computing. The fine tools developed by VMware are used by us and allow us to provide you with the highest quality product. Host4site also develops unique add-ons for the cPanel control panel which are used by storage companies around the world.
Response times
According to Google, the sites hosted by us enjoy the fastest response times in the world – and the professionals understand well how significant this advantage is, both for surfers and in terms of ranking in the various search engines.
Data Security
Maximum protection at the software and hardware level! Advanced antivirus software, firewall software for daily scanning and real-time scanning of each file, to identify risks, before uploading to the server.
At the hardware level – IPS Firewall – for the highest level of security and minimization of risks to the site and the stored information.
Advanced management system
At Host4site you get the sophisticated and friendly cPanel control panel, including unique and valuable add-ons, as well as full support for SQL-based databases and different versions of the PHP language.
Green environmental awareness
20% of the energy used by our server farms is green energy – so Host4site is not only the choice of the pros but also the eco-friendly choice and future of the planet.


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