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Host-it is United Kingdom-based hosting company. They offer the following services: Shared Hosting, VPS, Dedicated Server, Cloud Hosting, Resellers, SSL. Their servers are placed in Milton Keynes.

We have been developing and hosting web sites and operating our own data centres since 1995. We have grown each year enabling us to remain profitable and financially stable whilst expanding the services and facilities we can offer.

We are an ISO 27001 certified company with many years experience of both hosting and connectivity solutions.

In June 2003 we acquired Computalynx a world renowned developer of email server and proxy server software and also much like Host-it™ an ISP/hosting company. Computalynx was originally established in 1995, developing software and hosting/ISP solutions right from the very early days of the internet’s commercial history and supplying solutions for household names such as NASA, Kennedy Space Centre, P&O, Walmart to name but a few. Host-it™ and Computalynx were merged and structured under nuco technologies ltd.

Many hosting companies refer to “our data centre” when they really mean “the data centre we use” with Host-it™ “our data centres” are “our own data centres”. We have also been owner/operators since 1995.

Having over fifteen years ‘real-world’ experience running and managing data centres gives us a big advantage over providers who have only recently built facilities in the past few years. We also perform most of the project management and specification ‘in-house’ so we also have a very good understanding of the facilities we operate.

Running the whole process in-house gives us the maximum level of control and enables us to offer the highest level of service possible. This also means that we retain a high technical knowledge level within the company, running our own data centre and network has proven to be essential for the piece of mind of our customers.

We are a full LIR (Local Internet Registry) with RIPE. We also maintain our own ‘AS’ numbers and manage our own full BGP enabled networks giving us maximum control and flexibility for routing and inter connectivity. Further information on our networks can be found in the data centre tours above.

Offsite Data Backup
Back up your data to our secure dedicated back up service with prices starting at just £7.99 per month. We can design larger solutions using either one or more dedicated back up servers.

Our close relationship with our connectivity partners allows us to offer Leased Lines, ADSL Broadband, IP Transit, Wireless and other custom solutions.


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