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Honeygain.com Review: Scam or Legit?
What’s Honeygain.com?
Honeygain.com is an application that uses a crowdsourced proxy network where members can earn passive income by turning on (open) the application by turning your device into a gateway using internet data.
Founded in Lisbon in 2018. The Honeygain app can be installed on all Windows and Mac devices as well as on the Android and iOs mobile apps.

What is the current payout rate?
By default every network sharing you will get 1 credit for 10MB traffic. so if you have shared 10GB you will get $ 1. and this depends on the region or country where you live.

Honeygain Application is Safe to Use
According to many Honeygain users it is safe to use, and so far there have been no complaints or disturbances. because only trusted Honeygain partners can use your internet traffic.

How do you make money from Honeygain?
The way Honeygain works is easy and simple. as follows:
1. Signup
2. Install the application and adjust it to your device
3. Login and open Honeygain application (must be connected to the internet)
4. Gather information from the internet.

Minimum Payout $ 20
PayPal payment processor

Honeygain is a legit site and always pays members to share your data, you will also earn 10% from your referral earning.

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