Home Builder in Japan Makes Renting Easier with Blockchain

A home builder in Japan known as Sekisui House, attends to clients who want to rent its properties by using blockchain technology. Clients say it makes the whole process faster as they don’t have to do other necessary things before they start using their homes.

Sekisui House is among the most recognized home builders in Japan. It is using blockchain to rent some of its homes.

Sekisui House, on June 8, revealed through its website that clients will be able to pay their rent and other bills with blockchain. The other bills include electricity and gas expenses. The building company wants to make it less burdensome.

People who will be staying at Shamaison rental homes won’t need the services of an agent since they will be able to register their phone numbers and properties by themselves. With the use of smart phones, all doors being installed by Sekisui House can be easily opened and closed.

Adopting blockchain leases

People building homes in other countries are also adopting blockchain technology. Those regulating the affairs of homes builders in Malta have advised that builders use blockchain so that their properties will remain safe and unauthorized entry won’t be heard of.

In Japan, bitFlyer Blockchain and Sumitomo Corporation reached an agreement to add blockchain technology to its landed properties. BitFlyer decided to use Miyabi blockchain for this.

In 2017, Sekisui House partnered with KDDI and Hitachi to develop a system for managing information on its real estates by using blockchain. Hitachi is a member of Nexchain so it shares information with its other members on blockchain technology.

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