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About Hoard / HRD

ICO Start




Hoard is about to change the future of the video gaming industry by facilitating True Ownership of game assets on the blockchain. Today more and more people are selling virtual goods and services. With Hoard, all of this can be tokenized and made tradeable in a manner that is honest for all participants. We believe that Hoard will facilitate the global revolution in the Gaming Industry. Hoard offers a unique value-proposition to game makers and gamers alike; enabling real-world economies in games with true-ownership of virtual items, game-interoperability and new models of financing for the development of games.

Token Info
Token Hoard / HRD
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Tokens for Sale 280,000,000
Investment Info
Accepting ETH
Price in ICO 0.0400 USD
Distributed in ICO 28%
Raised Unknown

Timeline / Roadmap

2018 Discovery

Q1 Production starts Q4 SDK (alpha version) Hoard received regulatory clearance for the ICO from the Danish Financial Authorities. Plasma Dog DApp goes live.

2019 Core

Q1 SDK for Unity 3D and Unreal 4 Q3 Exchange Service Q4 Augmented Reality Support for Wallet

2020 Crowd

Q2 Other game engines support Q3 Rating System Q3 Voting System Q3 Community Portal Q4 Crowdfunding Service Q4 Pawn Shop Service

2021 Security

Q2 CPU Enclaves Support Q3 Anti-cheat System Q4 Game engines integration

2022 Deep Learning

Q3 Big Data (items properties mapping) Q4 Deep Learning Q4 Data analysis toolkit

2023 Metaverse

Q2 Virtual Jobs System Q4 Aggregation of all the systems

Team Members

Team Members
SĹ‚awomir Bubel
Team Members
Martin Amor
Special Advisor, founder
Team Members
Cyryl Matuszewski
Lead programmer
Team Members
Radosław Zagórowicz
Blockchain expert, Co-founder
Team Members
Marek Siemieniuk
Team Members
Daria Kurpiewska
Team Members
Rafał Wydra
Team Members
Kuba Lesisz
Programmer, co-founder
Team Members
Bartłomiej Ochnio
Game designer
Team Members
Mikkel Thykjær Jørgensen
Team Members
Marta Byrne
Team Members
Christopher Robison
Community Manager
Team Members
Steffen Toksvig
VP of Engineering / Spotlight, Unity Technologies
Team Members
Julian Zawistowski
CEO / co-founder, Golem
Team Members
Piotr Janiuk
CTO / co-founder, Golem
Team Members
Jeremy Petreman
Senior artist / designer, Playdead
Team Members
Janos Flösser
Senior partner, Promentum Equity
Team Members
Vansa Chatikavanij
Managing Director, OmiseGO
Team Members
Rasmus Højengaard
Chief Design Officer, DICE & Brain+

About Hoard

Currently, the vast majority of money spent on games is on virtual items or downloadable content (DLC). In 2017, it was 78% of the total gaming revenue – approximately $80 billion.

DLCs and virtual goods are critical for monetization and revenue for game makers, but what most consumers are faced with (or even unaware of) is that all downloadable content is fully-owned by the game publisher. Game-makers only grant the right to use, but not to own and any trading or reselling of content is usually prohibited or highly-restricted.

The strict T&Cs for virtual/downloadable content haven’t stopped players from finding ways to trade unique and rare in-game items and create vibrant but illicit grey-markets to convert digital assets into cold hard cash. While this can help drive demand and subscribers, it also exposes gamers and game-makers to fraud and lost revenues (and the loss of real money in the case of the gamer).

This is where Hoard thinks we can do better and offer game makers an incentive to change their mindset with new revenue streams for their games and DLCs—and in doing so gives gamers the same rights they have if they purchase something in the real world.

All of this is made possible with the emergence of blockchain technology. It’s decentralized, secure and immutable nature allows “trustless circulation” of tokenized digital content which enables new revenue and monetization streams for game economies.  


Hoard’s platform allows game makers to integrate their games and communities with blockchain technology and leverage its benefits without the complexity and cost of building and maintaining infrastructure themselves. Delivering on the promise of True Ownership, Hoard’s platform helps power new revenue streams for Game-Makers and finally gives gamers the ability to buy, sell, or trade their digital in-game items.

Here are some of the key features and benefits of the Hoard platform:

Hoard SDK is an easy-to-use Open-Source tool to integrate any game with the blockchain. Simple and well-documented, Hoard’s SDK means that developers don’t need to be blockchain experts to use it for their games. HSKD allows game makers to easily “tokenize” game assets and design the trading properties of their items (e.g. fees, conditions, validity periods, etc.)

All assets created (i.e. minted) with Hoard SDK can automatically be traded on the marketplace at the heart of the platform. Hoard’s Marketplace is a decentralized exchange that provides game-makers with ongoing revenue through carefully-designed fee structures and allows gamers to safely and legally buy, sell, trade or even rent out their digital assets and converts them to “real” money through a secure and seamless fiat-cryptocurrency exchange (powered by Omisego solutions)

A place to raise funds for game development where creators can bypass traditional funding-models and take advantage of Hoard’s game-centric community to support their project and raise funds by selling in-game assets, rewards, and early game access. With the blockchain technology, there is no chance of fraud.

This advanced feature on Hoard’s platform will be a gateway to virtual employment in gaming. Users will be able to set up their own customized shops and earn a living by offering crafted virtual items or even their services by providing in-game experiences such as a mentor, guide, opponent, or team member “for-hire”.

Some rare virtual items might be worth as much as real-world artefacts and they could be used as collateral for a loan. Through Hoard’s Pawn-shop such transactions will be guarded by smart contracts which will make them immutable, secure and trustless.

This feature will offer a wide selection of marketing tools which will allow game makers to better promote their games as well as extend the game’s lifecycle and increase the level of engagement within their communities.

All goods and services on the Hoard platform maintain their underlying value in HRD. The “Hoard token” or HRD can be considered the lifeblood of the economic system functioning on top of the Hoard platform. As a token running on the Ethereum blockchain, it enables near-instantaneous and secure transfer of any virtual content or transaction on the platform.