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Hilenium is Australia-based hosting company. They offer the following services: Cloud Hosting, CDN, DDoS Protection Services. Their servers are placed in Brisbane. 100% of user reviews who used Hilenium are positive.

Hi-Performance Web Optimisation
-Website speed optimisation & monitoring
-Blazing fast website hosting for top brands
-Race-tune your website to Hilenium Fast benchmarks
-Monitor SEO rankings with Hilenium Found

Web Hosting
Fast & Found.

Hilenium is a website first host. Unlike traditional web hosts, a fast server is just one part of having a hi-performing website.

We believe that web performance starts at the website. We obsess over web performance and optimisation.
Think of us as race-tuners for your website. We work with your designers, developers, and marketing team to keep their hard work performing.

We monitor your site’s performance to make sure it stays fast and found.

Web Hosting
Combine Hilenium Fast & Found web optimisations with our blazing fast hosting packages and see your CMS or eCommerce website fly. Whether you’re deploying WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento, Joomla, Drupal or a framework, we have you covered. All plans include SSL, CDN, Litespeed, and free site transfer.

Cloud Servers
At a certain scale the next step is to provision your own servers. We can design a hi-performance server infrastructure to match your application or website requirements. We use the hyperscale cloud server providers, including AWS & Microsoft Azure.


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