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Hikiku is France-based hosting company. They offer the following services: Shared Hosting, VPS, DDoS Protection Services. Their servers are placed in next locations: Cannes, Paris, Roubaix. 100% of user reviews who used Hikiku are positive.

Hikiku is a Lifetime Free Vps, Web, Game Host.
We thought: why charge for a service that can be free?
With Hikiku you can have a free Vps fast, amazing right?

How to get free hosting on hikiku.fr?
Follow the steps below to have your hosting for life.

1: Registration
The request is not made by email register on Hikiku. Read the rules, it’s important. Order your free service directly via the tabs below. It’s free, easy and fun (but not always).
2: Patience
Your server request is handled by a human. Wait 24 hours max and check your emails / spam. If you have no news, please contact us, there must be a problem with your registration.
3: The HiP?
HiP is an easy to obtain virtual currency to find out more, click on the “GET HIP” button. For renewal, the prices are indicated on the order form.
4: Activation
Your service is activated, congratulations you have a free month. Now you have just earned HiP to renew your next few months it’s 100% free and easy to get.

Why use Hikiku to create a Site or a VPS?
We are not going to “get windy”. Hikiku is the only “real” web host to offer you a free VPS / SiteWeb + Domain server. Don’t try other people (unless you feel like it), because they just want bigdata to resell. #Fake # Prevention

VPS / Web requests are handled by humans for technical reasons, it may possibly take some time, we do our best to investigate your requests as quickly as possible.

We avoid overloading our servers for unrivaled reliability.

Hikiku is a French startup as an undeclared non-profit association, because we generate no revenue the revenue generated by advertising is used to finance electricity and the purchase of new dedicated servers.

We are the 7/7 by livechat / ticket / mail. You can ask us all kinds of questions by support ticket. Don’t hesitate if you have any question.

The security of your data, our priority.
We use quality dedicated servers with distributions and RAID to avoid any loss of your data.

The Website uses ssl and Ioncube encryption.

SERVER LOCATIONS: Cannes,  Paris , Roubaix

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