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Hidora SA is Switzerland-based hosting company. They offer the following services: Cloud Hosting. Their servers are placed in Geneva. 100% of user reviews who used Hidora SA are positive.

The Easiest Way for E-commerce to Scale Applications in the Cloud

Hidora is a Swiss-based managed cloud hosting platform (PaaS) that supports any PHP, Java, Python, Node.js, Ruby or Docker-based applications.

Deploy web apps in seconds
Create the environments easily using automated cloud hosting platform with support for all popular stacks.

Run performance-optimized apps
Don’t worry about capacity, reliability or performance – we cover them all with our auto-scalability feature.

Only pay for what you use
Pay for the resources that your applications actually use and save up to 74% of your hosting bill with volume discounts.

Deploy web apps in seconds, forget about administration

With Hidora you can create your applications extremely quickly. You can enable auto-scaling and set your minimum and maximum resource parameters almost instantly. Need more complex configurations? Easily set up HA and DB clusters. Want to create testing and staging environments? Simply clone your production website in a click. You can even deploy your apps using API. Leave all the administrative tasks to Hidora so you can spend your time coding!
Applications we support
Want to run blazing fast applications? Find a selection of more than 60 performance-optimized and highly available apps in the Hidora cloud marketplace, including CMS, e-commerce, enterprise portals, CI/CD solutions and project management tools. Learn more about how our WordPress or Magento-optimized cloud hosting works.
Transparent and flexible pricing
With Hidora’s flexible pricing you pay exactly for the resources you use, so you don’t need to guess how many you need to buy beforehand. Set your limits, keep your costs as low as possible and don’t worry about traffic spikes. For example, you can get an 8GB server but if you only utilize 2GB, you only pay for 2GB. There’s no charge for the RAM or CPU control that you didn’t use – you only need to pay for what you consume! Our hourly billing and auto-scaling can save you up to 80% in costs. If you have a seasonal business, you can only pay for storage when your application isn’t being used.

Host Your Applications With Confidence

24×7 Support

Get technical assistance whenever necessary. We are proud to offer you quality responses in the fastest time possible 24/7.

Servers Based In Switzerland

To protect your security and confidentiality, we contractually guarantee your data will be stored in Switzerland. Swiss legislation guarantees you the best protection for storage of your data.

Regular Backups

Your data is always safe with Hidora. We maintain 1 incremental backup per day (every 24 hours) and a full backup every 5 days. Our most rapid restore methods avail your app run promptly.

SSD Hosting

The Hidora cloud platform is built on 100% Solid State Disks for lightning-fast response times. SSDs improve the performance of your applications and databases significantly, thanks to faster disk i/o and higher throughput.

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