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Among webmasters Hibu is called a web-builder for the lazy. And this title is fully justified, since the client does not need to deal with a code, customize a template, think over the design and form the promotion strategy. These and other tasks are delegated to Hibu-com professionals, who develop a website according to the individual client’s needs from start to finish. All you need to start the process of developing a new website is just to leave a request on hibu.com and describe all the details of your future project to specialists. The more specifics you provide to the developers, the more accurately your ideas will be brought to life. After a detailed conversation about the concept of your website, a team of specialists will analyze all your wishes, compare them with your budget, and then provide a ready-made commercial proposal indicating your individual tariff.

You can pay for Hibu services by bank transfer or credit card. On the official website there is no information about a possible refund in case of refusal of services. The company expects you to be serious in your wish to create a quality online project, and therefore reciprocates.


The company sets individual rates for each client. In the “Pricing” section, the client is offered to fill out a questionnaire for the subsequent communication with the company’s specialists. An order placement is possible after Hibu provides a commercial proposal for the website development in accordance with the client’s wishes. Hibu guarantees the development of a full-fledged intelligent website that will maximize the target audience engagement. Also Hibu provides all the tools for promoting and advertising.

The company gives a range of free products that become available after payment of the website development. This includes:

  1. Individual marketing plan;
  2. Target audience marketing survey;
  3. Facebook calculator;
  4. Scanning of companies;
  5. Digital marketing assessment;
  6. Marketing resources library.

The website contains typical questions regarding Hibu’s pricing policy. They are presented below.

Pricing FAQ

Why doesn’t Hibu give a specific price for tariff plans?

The company has an individual approach to each client and each project. Hibu has no standard solutions – each website is exclusive. The same applies to the marketing plan, which is developed taking into account the characteristics of the niche, your competitive advantages and dozens of other parameters. The company’s specialists are ready to announce the price after a detailed analysis of the client’s wishes and the formation of a commercial proposal.

Why does the company offer a suite of solutions rather than a separate website?

Hibu is able to create a high-quality website with any functionality, but insists on the need for an integrated approach. Hibu-com draws the client’s attention to the fact that the website itself does not carry much value if the general business development strategy is not thought out. At the same time, the company focuses on the client’s financial capabilities and offers the most effective solutions within a limited budget.

How to find out the exact price of a website?

It is enough to leave a request for a call back, after which the company’s specialist will contact the client, find out the details of the project and provide a commercial proposal within the budget announced by a client. At the same time, Hibu will give not one, but several variants to choose from, so that the client can take the most organic one to his original idea. As a result, a buyer receives not only a website, but also a full-fledged marketing plan, which will be implemented with the full assistance of a team of professionals.


Among the Hibu strengths it is important to mention such as:

  • Full delegation of web-building tasks to a professional team. You just discuss your wishes with the manager, after which Hibu specialists bring them to life.
  • High-quality support service. According to the numerous positive reviews from Hibu customers, this service practices very competent and comfortable communication with the client.
  • Orientation to the client’s needs and tastes. The Hibu team analyses in detail all your wishes regarding the appearance and functional content of your website, after which it implements all the voiced ideas as accurately as possible.
  • Excellent website speed. Hibu provides unprecedented responsiveness of a web project to any visitor action. A fast website is an unshakable Hibu standard the company remains 100% loyal to.


The Hibu team takes SEO seriously on every website they develop for their clients. All SEO activities are conventionally divided into internal and external SEO.

Internal SEO includes:

  • Detailed website audit (correcting typical errors, entering metadata, ensuring high speed);
  • Content analysis and website content (keyword control, image optimization and a number of other activities).

External SEO includes:

  • Social media posts;
  • Sharing information on third-party sites;
  • Link building;
  • Other activities to increase the visibility of a website.

Social marketing

This area of ​​promotional work includes:

Ensuring a presence on social networks (creating branded pages on Facebook and other popular services);

Advertising on social networks (Facebook Messenger, Marketplace, Instagram);

Social optimization (competent targeting and audience retention in the largest social networks);

Tracking results (depending on the client’s goals this can be clicks on the site, visibility or the number of potential customers).


Hibu is a universal service that can replace traditional web builders, especially for those clients who do not have time to figure out how to customize and design a website. The all-inclusive service offered by the Hibu-com platform is in high demand and finds its target audience. Based on your wishes, any website of any format will be designed for you: online store, information portal or personal blog. At the same time, you will not be left alone with your project after the launch and will be able to contact professionals from the support service at any time.

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