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Hashvision is offer an automated cloud mining system without waiting time! Direct availability immediately after registration. With their 150 GH/s welcome gift your Bitcoin Mining starts straight away. Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

Antminer S9-series
-Data center power & hosting in Iceland
Live overview and mining monitoring in your account
-Payment of mined Bitcoins at any time to your desired Bitcoin Wallet
-Dual backup system with additional SHA-512 encryption
Two-factor authentication option in your account settings
Extra option: Re-Invest your minings directly into more hashpower

Q: How do I get free hashpower?
Each new member receives 150 GH/s hashpower immediately and once after registration. Our miners will immediately start generating bitcoins and credit them to your account every second. We do not allow multi-accounts to gain more than 150 GH/s for free!

Q: What is the minimum and maximum hashpower price?
For system technical reasons we have to set a minimum or maximum limit for the purchase of hashpower. However, this will not be a big conflict for you:
Minimum amount: 8.04 USD
Maximum amount: 200998.00 USD

Q: Why are my purchased and transactions delayed?
All deposits and withdrawals are immediately registered and processed by our system. If there are any delays, they are beyond our control. The processing of transactions in the Bitcoin blockchain cannot be influenced by us! When paying for Hashpower with Bitcoins, always make sure that you have enough fees for processing the transaction in the Bitcoin Blockchain! The normal processing time in the Bitcoin network can last from 5 to 50 minutes.

Q: How can I get more hashpower?
In addition to purchasing Hashpower via Bitcoin, you can get additional Hashpower by transferring your mined Bitcoins directly back to Hashpower. We also offer you a great 3-level affiliate program where you can get up to 10% commission Hashpower. The recruitment of members is without limits. The more reach you have, the more hashpower you can earn!

Address: 30 Warwick Pl N, Pimlico, London SW1V 1QW, Vereinigtes Königreich
Email: [email protected]

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