Hackers Sell Stolen Credit Card Numbers on Dark Web

Cyble Reseatch Team has discovered recent sales of hacked credit cards.

In a recently conducted research, the cybersecurity firm, Cyble Research Team, found out that over 80,000 credit cards have been hacked and relevant information about them are being advertised for money. The owners of the affected cards happen to be from various countries.

The countries involved include the United States, Australia, the UK, Singapore, India, France and Canada. Most of the victims were from the US with about 33,000 cards hacked from there while Singapore and India recorded the least number of victims with 1,200 and 1,300 cards respectively.

The cards hacked include Visa and Mastercards.

The hackers are selling the particulars on every card for only $5. They don’t care how much the card holds.

Hackers got their billing addresses too

The cybersecurity firm was able to trace where the owners of the cards reside because the hackers also saw their billing addresses.

Although the source of these stolen cards remains a mystery, it is assumed that the criminals got them from some vulnerable ecommerce websites or a phishing site.

Cyble is helping people to know if their card details have been compromised by allowing them use a search engine they created for this purpose.

Data sales on the dark web now the trend?

Not long ago, the Cyble also found out that some hackers were able to steal more than 47.5 million records of Indians who use Truecaller. These records were advertised for just $1,000.

About two weeks ago, some hackers also had access to some vital information of 129 million Russians who own cars. This was up for sale on darknet and the hackers wanted to be paid in BTC and other cryptocurrencies.

In another activity, a forum belonging to Ethereum was hacked leading to the theft of vital information of those that used the most popular crypto hard wallets.

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