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GrowthBar is a powerful toolkit for search engine optimization. The service is available as a web software product and a Google Chrome extension, which implements all the main functions of the software. Initially, the project was launched as an extension for SEO specialists, but in less than a year it turned into a full-fledged software product that solves a wide range of tasks – from backlinks analyzing to building a semantic core. This service has almost everything you need to effectively promote your website and achieve high marketing results.

GrowthBar is a paid product. You can pay for the subscription by credit card or PayPal. At the same time, newly registered users are provided with 5-day free access to the paid functions of the program.

Main feature

One of the main features of growthbarseo-com is that it comes bundled with a handy Chrome extension. With the app you can easily turn your browser into a multifunctional SEO tool that makes it possible:

  1. to quickly assess the difficulty of site pages ranking;
  2. to form a list of keywords for promotion;
  3. to track the SEO indicators of a domain (trust, organic traffic, backlinks);
  4. to identify the most expensive keys for promoting;
  5. and much more.

The tool makes it possible to better understand the competitive positions of the promoted resource and identify the most promising growth points. Using GrowthBar, an optimizer immediately sees the most difficult keywords to promote, thereby effectively distributing a limited marketing budget. In general, the main feature of the tool is that a SEO specialist gets the opportunity to analyze dozens of parameters that are most important for promotion right in a web-browser and in the most convenient format.


GrowthBar is a rich set of tools that will satisfy professional optimizers. Below we list the main functional features of this service.

Ranking difficulty analysis

The difficulty of ranking is a basic SEO indicator that gives an understanding of how labor-intensive and expensive it will be to promote a website for a particular keyword. The higher this indicator, the more difficult it is to compete in the Google search results for a specific keyword. And vice versa: if the indicator is low, it gives a chance for dynamic growth of page positions without serious investments and efforts. Thus, even before directly creating content and promoting the page, a SEO specialist can select the niches that are easiest to master and act more efficiently. GrowthBar shows the difficulty of promotion for absolutely any search request.

Keywords selection

The value of this tool is that it can suggest to the optimizer a huge number of keywords that simply did not come into view. Extended selection significantly speeds up the process of creating a semantic core and makes it possible to expand it by using keys that are not obvious at first glance, but promising. Along with search queries, the program also shows monthly search volume and estimated cost per click. The tool lets you identify queries that are really in demand among users, and bring less promising ones to the background. By using a key tool, you reduce the likelihood that you miss important queries.

Also in the growthbarseo-com there is a “Learn More” function that gives you access to all the keywords associated with a specific query. Using this feature you will also expand the basic semantic core of the website and increase the number of potential visitors. At the same time, all data can be downloaded in CSV in order to process them offline on your device.

Key request monitoring

This function activates tracking of the website’s request rating over a certain period of time. With this tool monitoring the effectiveness of your web project across the entire semantic core becomes available. Moreover, it is possible to compare this data with competitors over time. By looking at the search results, you can track the top 5 organic searches for a specific domain, search positions, and monthly search volume. To expand the list to the top 200, just click the “Learn more” button on the control panel.

Since backlinks are still the important ranking factor for Google, the GrowthBar developers have implemented into their product a tool for monitoring backlinks of the promoted site and competitors’ sites. The menu provides a button “Top Backlinks”, which gives access to the TOP-5 domains most linking to the promoted site. As with keyword monitoring, the user can click the “Learn More” button and see the top 200 donors. The data is also available for downloading in a CSV format.

GrowthBar is not limited to search engine optimization and organic traffic. The platform also provides data on paid Facebook and Google ads. The system lets you monitor the keywords and bids of competitors. The interface logic here is similar to the aforementioned tools. You can evaluate TOP-5 queries online or download the entire ad library. Ad filters are also available for a more detailed analysis of specific niches, including geographic parameters.

This tool is very useful in website promotion, as it makes it possible to better understand the competitors advertising strategy. You can see the CPC for individual ads and keywords, as well as a ton of other parameters. At the moment, only growthbarseo-com and a few other services offer such an option, which is often underestimated by SEO specialists who focus solely on analyzing organic traffic.


GrowthBar offers 3 paid plans. You can see the terms for the service suites below.


  • Price (billed annually): 29 USD per month;
  • Price (billed monthly): 48 USD per month;
  • Unlimited keywords research, backlinks and ads;
  • Monitoring up to 25 keywords;
  • Unlimited competitors’ traffic insights;
  • Unlimited Chrome extension use;
  • Number of websites researched: 1;
  • 15 AI-created content outlines/mo;
  • Email support.


  • Price (billed annually): 79 USD per month;
  • Price (billed monthly): 99 USD per month;
  • Unlimited keywords research, backlinks and ads;
  • Monitoring up to 75 keywords;
  • Unlimited competitors’ traffic insights;
  • Unlimited Chrome extension use;
  • Number of websites researched: 3;
  • 50 AI-created content outlines/mo;
  • Email support.


  • Price (billed annually): 129 USD per month;
  • Price (billed monthly): 199 USD per month;
  • Unlimited keywords research, backlinks and ads;
  • Monitoring up to 150 keywords;
  • Unlimited competitors’ traffic insights;
  • Unlimited Chrome extension use;
  • Number of websites researched: 10;
  • 150 AI-created content outlines/mo;
  • Phone support.

Each of the offered service suites can be tested absolutely free of charge for 5 days.


GrowthBar users note that the software is convenient and friendly. The tools are available as a web app or as a Chrome extension, so you can choose the format that suits you best. Even if you have never dealt with SEO software, you will quickly become familiar with the functionality of this product.

The platform will not only delight you with an interface, but also with a high-quality support service. In the basic suite you can correspond with the specialists of the technical department by Email, and in the maximum suite – by phone. In addition, a chatbot and detailed help documentation are available on the website, which will provide answers to most of the questions that arise.

GrowthBar is a really valuable SEO assistant that will provide a ton of useful ranking information and make website optimization more dynamic and cost effective. You can take

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